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X Files

She was furious. She had been cheated.  The hour of the meeting had passed and gone.  She had lost. Everything, Oh how she wished with all her heart and soul it could be different.     At that precise moment her mobile intruded rudely on her painful thoughts,  the music she’d picked for texts blaring out into the quiet room. The theme from X Files, one she’d picked so carefully, somehow now made sense, The Unexplained. She picked up the flashing mobile,  the intruder, and pressed the symbol for texts.   The latest one read  Continue reading

Best Laid Plans…

          “Come in,            
sit down,
we’ll talk
over your plan”
so I sat, as I listened
to the officious looking man.
He seemed unfazed by my frowning face
his cheesy smile fixed,  almost super glued in place.
”Can I stop you there” I was rude enough to say,
for his manner was odd,
thus making me sway.
The room became darker
as painful words sank in,
like tiny daggers, aligned,  strangely making
me grin.
For pain can be a friend, adjusting senses from a tilt.
I ceased falling, I was safe, he was backing me to the hilt.
My Plan was effective, there was no doubt.
And the Plan?  For me to know,
and you?
To never
find out.

I have no idea, at all, where this came from, or what is meant precisely, I just went with the flow, and the flow brought me a question, which I assume will never be answered.  Rightly so methinks.     xx

A Key Dimension…

House-with-Key I put my key into the lock
but found it wouldn’t budge,
the door it seemed
to snigger as if it
bore a grudge.
I fiddled ‘n I jiggled
then resorted to a kick,
but that didn’t help at all
only left me feeling sick.
’Twas then the door
sneered at me
as it’s long
It was not
the door, or the key,
I was in the wrong world…

Reflecting Moon…

Owl and Moon....

The moon nearly quarter full that night,
only sharing a watery silvery light
helping the man as he made his way
along a path on which nature held sway

Owl and Moon....

He walked alone head filled with thought
Eyes cast inwards, he nothing sought
As the Owl flew past soundless in chase
hooting his reality in the man’s pale face

Owl and Moon....

A start,  finally waking to senses clear
the man looked about, but nothing near
to recognise or to show the way home
he was drenched in the past, hope was gone.

Owl and Moon....

The moon nearly quarter full that night,
only sharing a watery silvery light
helping the man so he could finally see
moonlight shining through him, a ghost he be….

LadyP © 2011

Meeting of Souls….Part 2


“Yes,”  Fyrespike repeated,  “it’s funny you should think that Lady Pen,  welcome to my idea of Hell,  or my Cave to be exact”  At this I finally had the nerve to open my eyes and stare about the most untidy looking, acrid and foul smelling cave I have ever had the misfortune to visit… ‘Why on earth have you brought me here Fyrespike?” I queried in horror, “If you think for one minute I’m going to clean up this mess and … for goodness sake” I added, waving my hand under my poor nose “there’s surely no air freshener in any existence that’d mask this foul odour” … He coughed, not his usual smoky cough, but a red faced slightly embarrassed one and sheepishly offered the opinion “It’s not that bad is it?”  My eyes were streaming, I could feel my eye liner giving up the ghost and joining the tears sliding their way hastily down my cheek. My hair was being affected too, the straight bob I sported (with the help of hair straighteners and gel) had become a curly festooned mop just sitting on my head, leaving me with the feeling I’d give Coco the Clown a run for his money!!   “Why are we here?” I finally thought to ask.   He waved his pipe in response, growled something unintelligible and suddenly the whole Cave was transformed into a clean, fresh sparkling and most of all empty but tidy place you’d be happy to show your own Mother on a surprise visit!! 


“Well why on earth hadn’t you thought to do that before ?”   I asked in amazement and he coughed again, before admitting “Since my Mate left, I’ve just let things slide a bit”  and I thought “A bit?”  though instantly felt slightly ashamed, very sympathetic and totally in the wrong. “Why did she leave?” I couldn’t help asking, and he settled himself down on a pile of very large and extremely comfortable looking cushions which suddenly appeared out of  thin air and I glanced about for my seat, but nothing else materialised.  I coughed sharply, earning his sly gaze upon me,  although his eyes were lightly twinkling, then the little red pipe made smoky motions in the air and next to me there appeared a large Chaise Longue, bright red with dark oak legs.  “How lovely “ I thought, until I tried to sit  myself comfortably and only succeeded in falling off the end. Finally, under his very amused stare, I laid myself full length like a sacrificial offering and waited for him to continue his story about his mate…


“Her name is Kalaseru, and the most beautiful of Red Dragons,” he softly  answered, then paused a second or two to ponder, and finally continued “She left me as I wouldn’t finish my Quest to find the Well of Water Magic,” At this statement my ears almost twitched and my heart plummeted, as I suddenly realised what he wanted of me.  On one of our many adventures he’d touched upon this quest and how he needed a mortal to aid him. Apparently I was that very mortal and my time of helping him had come. “What does this Quest entail” I asked calmly, knowing I couldn’t and therefore wouldn’t let him down, not Fyrespike,  not my friend in need.  “Go on” I encouraged him, while twisting round on my stomach, finding this was a slightly more comfortable but alas a less dignified position on the chaise longue,  and he smiled in response to my tone and predicament, continuing,  “I need your help Lady Pen, to call a Meeting of Souls, and thus enable the Well of Water Magic to come into existence, then all I need to do is drink from the Well, and my magic will henceforth include the rule over Water, and my mate Kalaseru, can combine her magic lore with mine and we shall be complete.” At my raised questioning eyebrow, he sighed heavily and answered “By which I mean, we can mate and produce offspring”  Of course my heart melted and straight away before I could stop myself I’d asked the question “What do I need to do?”

He laughed. Really and truly belly laughed and then coughed so deeply that I thought the Chaise Longue was an danger of combusting into fire-filled life and me with it, so I jumped up hastily and queried after his health!  “No, honestly I’m  fine, Lady Pen, just feeling happy and ready to start.”   With this comment his pipe was again in use, swirling about as if it had a smoky life of it’s own, by drawing so many pictures in the air that my human eyes couldn’t keep up.  I felt so dizzy that I failed to notice we’d been picked up and gently deposited at an Oasis in a Desert. Which one, dear reader?  Who knows, it may not even be of this Earth, and I was disinclined to ask as my mind was on the task before me. “What do I do?” I repeated slightly less calmly than before. “Well, first of all just take a deep calming breath, and secondly put your right hand Index Finger here…”  I looked to see where his pipe was pointing and there was, of all things, a key hole shape in the base of the nearest Palm Tree, and I hesitated a second, glanced at his Dragon face, and thought “What the heck?” and offered my Index Finger to the said hole… What happened next? Why the Meeting of Souls of course,  which was his soul and mine joining together with a flash of colours so bright my eyes hurt like ….um..Hell.  Suddenly with a clamouring sound, the colours abruptly faded and there before us appeared a magnificent Well,  decorated with so many Runes that not a single stone was to be seen, just the integrated scripts written by long gone souls through aeons of magical and mystical learning.  I caught my breath at the beauty of it, and Fyrespike cast his head back and roared as I’d never heard before. He was on the threshold of his next magic Level, and his mate would be his for the rest of their long-lived lives.  He shuffled forward, bent his head and partook of what looked like sweet, tasting ambrosial water. But his face twisted in agony, and before I could move aside he’d turned and spat it out drenching me,  “What on Earth”  I spluttered, but thankfully he laughed, and tried again to drink the water. This time able to swallow the foul tasting stuff.  He trumpeted a bugling, musical sound, flew straight into the air and revolved around for about two long seeming lifetime minutes.  At last the sound stopped and all was quiet again. He landed next to me and held out a claw, ever so lightly touching my cheek, whilst intoning  “I am Fyrespike, forever thy friend, whenever thou hast need of me, I will attend… Thus speaks Fyrespike, Green Dragon, Master of Air, Earth and now Water…”


And that my friends is how I spent my time at The Meeting of Souls…. Helping Fyrespike to attain his next level of Magic and regain his mate for life…I hope you enjoyed the story… I will be continuing the saga, telling how I meet with Kalaseru….The most challenging of female Red Dragons…

LadyP © 2011