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Inner Reflecting…

owens-pond-dawn-041114-800webInner Reflecting on two
for one,  dark of night packed up
and gone. Morning glow yawns into sight
as lazy clouds puff up in delight. Trees reach up,
stretching high, releasing a contemplative sigh.
Perfectly framed, in perfect pose,
what will this day bring?
Whomsoever knows…

MY thanks to Steve , for the use of the above beautiful and reflective photo,  which awakened my brain cells into action…A much needed kick start methinks  x

Slice of Life…

1451401_548228211925568_1679858558_nThis Photograph study is courtesy of Arjun,
His photo’s are reflections of life
and truly capture the imagination.

A Man

and we die
but in between,
countless slices
of life to be seen.
This photo taken,
of a man looking back,
his expression caught by a
silent attack. What is he thinking,
on what does he ponder as he looks to
the lens, no sign of wonder.
“Here am I,
here I stand,
my life written
by a pitiless hand.
Lines, careworn I show,
my mouth, held firmly just so.
I live, I love, and share my pain too,
as you stare at me, I stare back steadily,
at you”

Rainy Day…

Archway, Jasmine covered It just rained,
a sweet falling
gentle and renewing
wetting the earth and me.
Now the sun shines
peeking from clouds
almost playful to see.
It changes so quickly
I thought to share
views of my garden
many shades there.

I rushed to get the photo’s before it poured again,  so apologies if they appear blurred.  (Skydrive adjusts well)  I am not a good photo taker,  I admit it,  I’m always thinking of the next one.  If you spot any weeds let me know, they are prolific in this lush greenery-making weather. xx