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Natures Cleaners…

white_backed_vulture_landing_Z4F6941_800-300x126  Perched high on a crag,                                         
                                legs poised to spring,                             
hearts beating wildly                                           
                                       as we take to the wing                   
catching warm thermals,                                    
                                                   to float on thin air,                         
         taking breath quickly,                                                  
                                            hardly any to spare                
Now is the time,                                                     
                     wings spread out wide
                             a smooth operation,                           
                        to bank as we glide.                                    
Flowing the motion,                     
as fluidity is key,                                      
we land, we devour,  for Vultures we be…


Endangered Species

Rüppell’s Vulture or Rüppell’s Griffon Vulture (Gyps rueppellii) is a large vulture that occurs throughout the Sahel region of central Africa. The current population of 30,000 is decreasing due to loss of habitat and other factors. Rüppell’s Vulture is named in honour of Eduard Rüppell, a 19th-century German explorer, collector, and zoologist. Rüppell’s Vulture is considered to be the highest-flying bird, with confirmed evidence of a flight at an altitude of 11,300 m (37,000 ft) above sea level.

Christmas Time….


PhotobucketA star of hope, a belief is born
whether we believe or not
what happened that morn.
Memories past, new ones to come
May your Christmas and New Year
be an extremely good one.
   photo thchristmas20109.gif

Catch Up with You all in the New Year.

xxxx Pen xxxx

 photo rudolph-.gif

Journeys & Answers…

PenpusherpenI didn’t know I was going
to discover a truth
from the depths of the past
in a trip to my youth
visiting my birthplace
seeing with new eyes
where I played
where I grew
a childhood constrained by lies.
It seems we are coloured
by those early years,
I wonder,
can a life painting
be changed
by countless
number of tears?
’Tis alright saying
we plough our own path
but “Who am I really?”
  me laugh…

Apologies fellow bloggers for my absence,  ‘twas an unexpected trip back to my hometown to sort out family business.  Strange how BIG things from the past seem so much smaller viewed through older/grown up eyes.  Strange too how the ‘large’ walls of the neighbours garden have shrunk and everything appeared so different.   I need to travel back again, this time for a longer stay so I shall see you all and catch up when I can.  I hope WordPress is finally sorting itself out, though I did take a trip over to Sir Aquatom’s Blog and it appears my hopes are in vain.  Sigh!! xx

Rainy Day…

Archway, Jasmine covered It just rained,
a sweet falling
gentle and renewing
wetting the earth and me.
Now the sun shines
peeking from clouds
almost playful to see.
It changes so quickly
I thought to share
views of my garden
many shades there.

I rushed to get the photo’s before it poured again,  so apologies if they appear blurred.  (Skydrive adjusts well)  I am not a good photo taker,  I admit it,  I’m always thinking of the next one.  If you spot any weeds let me know, they are prolific in this lush greenery-making weather. xx

Code Bug…

is it
a ‘code’,
that grips
the body
and is a pain
in the ‘node?’
Try as I might
I can’t shake it off
my head’s all woolly
but the worst is the cough,
‘hacking’ it is, driving me mad,
But my voice is all sexy,
so ‘tis not all bad….

I have never been a good patient, and this ‘code’ proves no exception, going through all the different symptoms,  stupid and woolly headed, smilingly sniffy, and now this morning, to wake up and find myself painfully coughing and talking like I’ve swallowed broken glass, well, to say I’m not a happy Bugs Bunny is an understatement,  more like an angry Daffy t’Duck methinks…  angry Daffy