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Bell Ringing…

The bell rings, can anyone
hear? The time is now,
that much is clear.
The figure, stooped,
stares mute with a plea,
A warning? A calling?
Whatever could it be?
LadyP ©2014

I found this little gif in my files,… I have no idea
where I ‘borrowed’ it from.  I just thought to share.
Do you have any answers?   Postcards please!  xx


Journeys & Answers…

PenpusherpenI didn’t know I was going
to discover a truth
from the depths of the past
in a trip to my youth
visiting my birthplace
seeing with new eyes
where I played
where I grew
a childhood constrained by lies.
It seems we are coloured
by those early years,
I wonder,
can a life painting
be changed
by countless
number of tears?
’Tis alright saying
we plough our own path
but “Who am I really?”
  me laugh…

Apologies fellow bloggers for my absence,  ‘twas an unexpected trip back to my hometown to sort out family business.  Strange how BIG things from the past seem so much smaller viewed through older/grown up eyes.  Strange too how the ‘large’ walls of the neighbours garden have shrunk and everything appeared so different.   I need to travel back again, this time for a longer stay so I shall see you all and catch up when I can.  I hope WordPress is finally sorting itself out, though I did take a trip over to Sir Aquatom’s Blog and it appears my hopes are in vain.  Sigh!! xx

A Duet…

th_Money_Bag_2 Money and happiness
may not mean the same,
neither linked in a duet
as sunshine after rain,
but when you’re lacking
either of these two,
can money oil the way
letting happiness

I have never believed that money buys happiness,  but I am a believer in the thought that money can help ease the way along life’s highway. Lack of money can cause problems, health wise and mental wise, through worry and stress.  Been there, done that… The cost of living?… Methinks ‘tis what you make of it, testing your inner mettle and finding pure gold of spirit…. 🙂  xx

Nothing Ventured…

question-mark-2question-mark-2question-mark-2 It’s
one of
those moments
just staring into space
pondering about nothing,
with a smile fixed in place.
As if
there’s nothing to lose
and yet something to gain
if we get something for nothing
is the meaning the same?
A thought comes from nowhere
but surely ‘tis true,
it surfaced from somewhere
not just out of the blue.
from nowhere we come,
therefore to somewhere we go…
Yet if there’s nothing ventured
how will we know?

Q & A …

question-mark-2question-mark-2question-mark-2question-mark-2   Is
there an
answer to every
question that forms
in our mind?
Are we  guided ever
onwards ‘til the answers we find?
Do we journey gaining knowledge
believing that’s what life is for? 
Or is there more to life
than questioning?
    I believe that’s