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X Files

She was furious. She had been cheated.  The hour of the meeting had passed and gone.  She had lost. Everything, Oh how she wished with all her heart and soul it could be different.     At that precise moment her mobile intruded rudely on her painful thoughts,  the music she’d picked for texts blaring out into the quiet room. The theme from X Files, one she’d picked so carefully, somehow now made sense, The Unexplained. She picked up the flashing mobile,  the intruder, and pressed the symbol for texts.   The latest one read  Continue reading

There Be (Baby) Dragons….


I clung on in desperation as we travelled through the cool and misty tunnel of transportation, Fyrespike seemed in a desperate hurry, which didn’t bode well and I wondered what was troubling my friend.  I was soon to find out. The two little demons  um… babies were leading their mother (Kalaseru) father (Fyrespike) and Grandfather (Gregoryk) a merry dance. It soon transpired that none of them were getting any sleep since the two eggs had hatched 3 months ago and from the three Dragons expressions,  they seemed to feel it’d been 3 long years instead… (but I’m getting ahead of myself here… lets take a small step back in time…) 

∏  Ancient Scrolls of The Dragonic Period/

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Safe and Sound…Conclusion…


PhotobucketI gasped,  trying to catch my breath as tear after helpless tear streamed down my face.   Gregoryk was in the same condition, helpless laughter echoed all round the cavern as he told me tale after tale of the hapless Knights who had turned up at his Cave entrance trying to prove themselves the bravest and the best.
Stories which he told with a quick wit and sly mischievous humour, giving me such a vivid mind picture of the events that my sense of the ridiculous was tickled again and again.  IN the end I cried out for mercy  ‘Oh Please, Gregoryk, please no more, I can’t breathe at all well and my eyes are so red and watery, in fact I think there’s a lash caught in my eye’   He sobered up straight away and was all concern… ‘Here take this gold mirror and see if it helps you and I think there’s a  lace hankie around somewhere’ …. a comment which sent me into peals of laughter again as I thought on who might have left such a trophy, mayhap Sir Prenderghast, who left in such a hurry after Greg threatened to roast him, fully tinned, for supper.  This Knight had tried to magic his way into Greg’s cave and have away with all the treasure before Greg even opened his eyes,  little knowing Magic would not work against the wily Old Red Dragon.  Greg had feigned sleep and gave the Knight the shock of his life, by opening one of his large eyes and saying ‘Boo’  … Which had been enough to startle said Knight who, from the aroma issuing forth, had soiled his armour quite badly before he jet propelled himself from sight never to be seen again, leaving only a monogrammed lace handkerchief to show he’d ever graced Gregoryks cave at all.


As  he leaned over helpfully holding the mirror to the light,  we both heard the scandalised tones of Fyrespike,  “Unhand that Lady, Gregoryk or you’ll have me to answer too”  He appeared out of the blue with a deadly and fierce expression on his face, clutching his Red Pipe, already fully lit and sending smoke trails enough to fill the Cavern,

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Safe & Sound …Part 2…


I came too and all about me was darkness and an eerie bone chilling silence.  I suddenly realised I was lying on a cold stone floor and hastily scrambled to my feet, whilst wondering where JD was … Surely Fyrespike had been able to compete his magic spell and I was on the Island complete with my travelling companion,  somewhere hot and totally steamy?  My mind started to wander and I’m sure my eyes were starting to gleam, when a faint sound alerted me I was not alone. JD?… I tried so hard to see through the gloomy darkness but I couldn’t tell if I had my eyes open or closed. as it seemed such a complete  blanket of blackness.  I reached out all around me, feeling relieved when my fingers came in contact with an uneven stone wall but alas, the feeling didn’t last long,  as instinct or something warned me not to utter a sound, not to do the usual  ‘Is anyone there?’ query those people in horror films always call out.  I moved my feet cautiously, or so I thought, but I seemed to be standing on pebbles and I couldn’t move without a crunching noise issuing forth.   A loud scraping sound made me freeze where I stood,  and I felt my heart fighting to leave my chest as I tried and failed to hold my breath, another scraping sound followed by a deep gruff voice cursing  ‘Damn and blast it’ and I knew it wasn’t JD’s lovely voice.  It sounded more… Dragonish?  … but before I could feel any j0y I suddenly realised it wasn’t Fyrespike’s usual dulcet tones either. ‘ Where on Earth ?’ …  but before I could finish my thought a light from some source suddenly lit the room… and I could finally see where I was, in a cavern, a massive underground cavern, and my eyes opened wide in horror as I viewed the candle lighter,  a gigantic old looking Red Dragon, curled on top of a huge mound of twinkling gold and jewels, and hastily looking down at my feet I saw my pebbles were in fact all manner of coloured precious stones. 


His large beady eyes were rested on me, whirling with anger, (I have no idea how they whirled, but I assure you they did)  they were bright red for danger and I was the sole target of his rage.  “Where have you come from and what do you want in Gregoryks Cavern?”  his loud gruff voiced almost blasted in my ears,  also making my eyes water with the stench of his breath which wafted in a few seconds behind his words.  I assumed he was Gregoryk, or else he was helpfully Cave minding? … I coughed and tried desperately to clear my throat enough to speak, finally able to gasp out loud “My name is  Lady Pen, friend of Fyrespike”   and I added for good measure even though it wasn’t true, “ and of Kalaseru his mate”  A loud rumbling noise shocked me enough to make me hastily back away a few steps, but then I stood my ground in amazement as he opened his long muzzle wide, showing me his darkened but still sharply pointed dangerous looking teeth, as he laughed, coughed heavily and then laughed again, so hard this time that his eyes now a light golden colour, ran with tears. “Oh my, that’s a good one” he  growled  again but thankfully in an amused tone,  “A friend of my daughters you say? Now that I find hard to believe”  and my heart sank to my shoes and I waited, for what I do not know, but I seemed to be flying from one dangerous place to another … and suddenly my wayward mind grasped what Gregoryk had said, he was Kalaseru’s father?   ‘Oh my indeed…whatever next?’ ……


to be continued…

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Gargoyles Companion…

Gil the Gargoyle.. Gil sat on the garden wall and sighed heavily. His mind full of memories of times gone by, so many years had passed since he had first awoken high on the Church roof. So much change his eyes had witnessed, and so lonely his life had been.  True he had been free, unlike his fellow Gargoyles, somehow he had been granted the boon of life and was able to experience the wonders of the World  from Dusk ‘til dawn, when he changed back into the Marbled Stone Gargoyle human eyes could then see.  He had so much to be thankful for, but there was something missing, he could feel a need in himself, a growing awareness that other than his new friends the crows, and most of all Russell, (the Crow King who had given him his tattoo and his lifelong membership of the Crow Clan)  he spoke to no-one and he was lonely.  He could feel the bond between Russell and his subjects and more so between Russell and his mate.  Gil wanted, nay, longed for a friend, someone who could be called soul mate. A heavy sigh erupted again, and this time his breath caught a nearby leaf and it transformed into marble and broke away from the twig it had been attached to and fell heavily to the ground. “Hey, watch it” said a high pitched and unfamiliar voice “be careful what you’re throwing around, you could have knocked me out with that missile” … and Gil was so startled he nearly fell off his perch on the wall, opened his wings quickly and flew high protectively.  How had he not heard anyone nearby? It was dangerous to be seen and he had been so careless night dreaming  with such sorrowful thoughts.     “Where are you going?” the voice went on “not content with almost braining me, you now leave before checking I’m alright?” … Gil was amazed, at the cheekiness of the words as well as the tone used. Laughter?  He hadn’t talked, laughed or been amused by anything for simply ages, so then why was he leaving?  He flew back to his favourite perch and queried “Where are you?  Show yourself”  and suddenly out from the shadow of the tree stepped a female form, he couldn’t quite make out her features but she didn’t look gargoylish, which was such a relief, ‘some look positively grotesque’ he thought quite forgetting his own face wasn’t exactly handsome. ‘Who and what are you?’ he thought to add to his previous question.  “So many questions and we’ve not even exchanged names” said the female voice, quite throatily and to his mind, provocatively.


The moon suddenly showed its silvery face, coming out from behind a bank of clouds and there before him stood the most beautiful moonlight draped creature he’d ever set eyes on. “I’m dreaming” he thought sadly “I’ve fallen asleep and my mind has conjoured up this vision for me”    His poor Gargoyle eyes watered slightly making his vision blur and he lost sight of the beautiful temptress.  He looked this way and that in sheer panic, then hurriedly flew down to the trees root base, hoping against hope that she was still there.  “Hold on, whatever your name is” as she backed away slightly “I’ve been watching you for a few nights now and although you look harmless I need to be sure” and she finally stood her ground a few feet away.  She was so lovely to his time-tired eyes, she was perfection and she smelled of the flowers of spring. Such a powerful aroma which seemed to hold him in it’s thrall as he shook his head in an effort to clear his thoughts. “Oh damn and blast it” she muttered almost to herself“ I forgot about my fathers protection spell” She made a few movements with her perfectly formed arms, waved her delicate fingers and suddenly his mind cleared as if emerging from a fog.  She was ok, was his next thought,  but not the beauty which had stood there a few seconds before, a beauty which had made him want to protect her with his life.  “My fathers Shield spell gives me an aura, you felt the need to protect and serve, therefore not harm a hair on my head” she explained more fully.  Which made Gil stare at her Blonde mass of curls, shining in the light fingered touch of the moons silvery caress. His arm lifted of it’s own accord and she backed a few steps, warily watching his face, but then as if seeing something to calm her in his craggy but honest features,  she stood still and let his fingers run through her tresses. “Silken” he thought “pure silken strands of gold”  she blushed and dropped her eyes to the ground, making him suddenly realise that he’d spoken aloud.  His hand fell suddenly and he apologised “I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me”  and she laughed, a light trill of gaiety which touched at his heart, and then wound itself round and round, then tugged sharply, making him take a deep breath which he held for as long as he could.


For he was smitten all over again, only this time it had nothing to do with magic. She was beautiful, how had he thought otherwise?  “Are you feeling ok?” she queried, sounding worried,  “You’ve gone paler than I’ve ever seen you” and he shook his head slowly, “No, I’m fine really” he tried to reassure her, “It’s just a shock to find someone nearby and be able to talk to at last”  She smiled happily and agreed “I know, my father warned me not to come into this part of the garden, but I’ve been watching you, looking so sad with your thoughts, but when you fly you are transformed into something otherworldly”  This comment had his heart beating madly, almost fighting to leave his chest. ‘She had been watching him and wasn’t frightened at all by his appearance?’ This made him feel so happy that he smiled back, totally unaware that it was like a terrible grimace of pain, but she read his lovely eyes and knew it for the smile it was.  “My name is Fortuna, and I am a Dryad, my father, Ithamar,  is head of my Gold Dryad Circle,  and I was named for my Mother, Fortunae. My Circle is ancient and many and nearby is my Tree Glade.”  When she had finally finished speaking she stayed utterly silent and waited.  He  realised he had to make a response “My name is Gil, “ he almost growled in his embarrassment “I am of the Gargoyle clan, Marble cast of Guild Master Fame. I have no father or mother but I was granted night-time life somehow. I was tied to my place of origin far away on a church roof, but am now Plinth Bound here in this garden of Solace.”  She seemed pleased with his response and stepped forward to kiss his cheek, and he responded ever so gently by caressing her cheek with his rough fingers.  “We are now friends “ she said, “my fathers spell is henceforth  unnecessary, and you may see me as I am”  He smiled at her gently and replied “Fortuna, I have seen you as you are for some time now and you are so utterly  beautiful”  She laughed and hugged him, actually hugged him and his heart was from that moment bound to her in unbreakable silken chains.  “Fly with me?” he asked her, and she readily   jumped into his arms as they flew, soaring high into the night sky,  lovely laughter echoing behind them, making the startled Crows scatter and fly high too. Their friend needed no watching protection tonight,  he was busy,  as he had found a mate and maybe they would be nest building soon. They cawed loud and long, telling their tale and it was picked up by the Crow Clan, they were happy for their friend.  Life was so, so good.

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