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Journeys & Answers…

PenpusherpenI didn’t know I was going
to discover a truth
from the depths of the past
in a trip to my youth
visiting my birthplace
seeing with new eyes
where I played
where I grew
a childhood constrained by lies.
It seems we are coloured
by those early years,
I wonder,
can a life painting
be changed
by countless
number of tears?
’Tis alright saying
we plough our own path
but “Who am I really?”
  me laugh…

Apologies fellow bloggers for my absence,  ‘twas an unexpected trip back to my hometown to sort out family business.  Strange how BIG things from the past seem so much smaller viewed through older/grown up eyes.  Strange too how the ‘large’ walls of the neighbours garden have shrunk and everything appeared so different.   I need to travel back again, this time for a longer stay so I shall see you all and catch up when I can.  I hope WordPress is finally sorting itself out, though I did take a trip over to Sir Aquatom’s Blog and it appears my hopes are in vain.  Sigh!! xx

Life Sentence?….


I sat, eyes closed sighing wearily,
running an index finger down my brow,
Wishing the whole boring meeting over
Wishing I was anywhere else right now.
As the low hum of voices grew fainter
and my senses seemed suddenly to sway
I shook my head side to side to clear it
as a man’s voice boomed out to say
pipe smoke
“Accused, do you have any last words
before your sentence is duly declared?”
causing my shocked eyes to fly wide open
staring at a Court Judge, nostrils flared.
On his bewigged head sat a black square,
eyeing me his intent seemed very clear
he was announcing my death sentence
I was guilty of a serious crime I fear.
pipe smoke
In the dock I stood, legs trembling,
whilst staring about and feeling quite ill
thinking surely I must have time travelled
for the response of my death seemed to thrill.
The full court was readying for the next case
ignoring me as I stood totally struck dumb
by seeing the Judge, his hand to his mouth
begin to suck noisily on his left thumb.
pipe smoke
Suddenly,  a *cough * right behind me
and quickly I swung my head about
there ‘he’ stood as large as life itself
Fyrespike choking on his red pipe spout.
I felt thankful tears suddenly gather,
mixed with sheer relief I hasten to say
and then Fyrespike said the words to me
I’ll always recall ‘til my last living day.
pipe smoke
“Be ever careful what you wish for,
Lady Pen, please take heed of me
there are more things in this life
that are dangerous, you see?”
As I nodded he continued
waving his pipe here and there
“Just accept your lot in this life
be thankful your world is so fair.
In the past every life was held cheaply
their terrible lives were so full of woe.
Now, if you’ve finally learned your lesson
I think it’s well past time for us to go”
pipe smoke
There was a flash and a second of silence
then suddenly voices were murmuring around
I was back in my financial company meeting
headache gone, I was here, safe and sound.

LadyP © 2011

Time Is Golden….

 Golden Portal

We’re standing in front of the spectacular portal gates , a lacy filigree metal design completely covered in faces, examples of all this worlds nationalities.., in front of them and at ground level there’s a circular gold coloured disc with four outcrops to stand upon.  We have to hurry as they’re coming faster than we thought and we must escape with the information we’ve gathered. There are only four of us left as they’ve killed the others, or captured at the very least, and we hope for the latter option. We can return with a larger squad,  and try an escape plan for them but for now we must regroup, we must return to the past in order to sort this mess out…We all stare at one another, quickly communicating our thoughts with our minds but also vocally wishing each other luck,  because we definitely need it. Time travelling by the Portal was a dangerous pastime, as one slip and you’re dust,  part of a pretty coloured rainbow of  Space Dust, decorating the Cosmos. The last person I’d seen ‘blown to atoms’ was my childhood friend, Matt, scarlet glittering dust he was now. A random question filtered through my mind ‘I wonder what colour I am?’  IT was a sobering thought as we stand there ready to take up position on the Disc of Time. One by one we stepped forward, each of us taking our place on one of the four time discs, readying ourselves for the leap into endless twisting time itself… Who knows where?  Who knows when? Only the ‘programmer’ knew for certain. Hopefully the time bracelets will continue their work, and I lightly touch mine while waiting for my personal signal and co-ordinates, it was such a small device to hold so much power. At last, just as the marching feet were coming nearer and shouts rang out, It was my turn. I thought of my destination co-ordinates, pictured them in my mind and as I tapped the disc with my heel, we all began to vanish like wraiths, leaving the present and into the past, but alas something was wrong,  I could almost taste the feeling of strangeness… My last conscious thought drifted away, trailing behind me as I disintegrated, ……..`My colour, I’m surrounded by my colour,  I’m glorious Golden Yellow, deepest Gold….…….’

NEWS10-space dust-250_tcm18-31376


LadyP © 2010