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Gold Ring
Mystical Gold RingMystical Gold Ring“There’s nothing I need”
I said to the Stall Man,
stood drinking his coffee beside a White Van.
His eyebrows raised,  his eyes twinkled with glee,
he thought for a while before he answered me.
“Nothing at all…  Not in need of anything?
Well, how about this?”  he brought forth a small ring,
saying “This is so special, why not try it for size?”
It fitted exactly, my eyes gazed long at the prize,
I asked“How can I afford such a precious thing?”
said he “Take it, for all the luck it might bring
It was forged by someone I met times past
may it bring you good fortune enough to last”
I sighed before asking
“What will the price be?”
he stared, deadly serious
eyes hypnotising me.
“No money will buy this,
it has chosen you now.
Charmed to your finger,
soon it will show you how
to travel between Worlds
thought long ago dead”
His voice now filled me
with excitement-tinged dread.
“You are destined to search
on quests travelling far,
Milady, nothing
you need?
How so

LadyP© 2011

Gold Ring

A Page Turner..


‘Tis …
a book
like no other,
no tale to tell,
forever open,
mystic pages turning.
Shouldst thou murmur a spell,
incant the words well
thou wilt be blessed
by a great deal of learning.
Mystical sign
But …
of the Book
before thou
cast a first look
should thy incant
be in doubt, thou must ponder,
couldst thou pay the high fee?
For it waits with such glee
as thou become trapped
by a feeling
of wonder.
Mystical sign
Yes …

this Knowledgeable Book,
tricks some who look,
aking their minds
and thoughts
without sorrow.
It just lives to take,
there’s no pity at stake
so beware and
on the

LadyP © 2010
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Only A Dream…

Olde Oak Door
Harken to the knocking
on Ye Olde Oak door,
there, it comes again,  one fierce knock more..
no-one dares to answer, none dare heed the call
an arm is raised to knock again, and then is let fall.
Feet slowly walk away, there, hear them on the path?
also hear the breathless sobbing, …then the bitter laugh
slowly ye recover, tempted to peek, make curtains twitch
but beware with red eyes on thee, is the half deranged Witch
she sees and she marks thee, thy mouth opens wide in a scream,
bony finger points, Magic is spake, ye are held within thy dream.
IN turn ye are the one who knocks,
no-one heeds thy frantic call
and the Witch?…
why she has thy life,
she has thy soul, that is all……
LadyP © 2011





Red Gate

my dream
there is a gate
I go thro’ quickly,
I don’t wait
ever onwards, walking fast
it seems no earthly shadow cast
alas my footsteps start to amble
held by clinging mud I scramble
slipping and sliding, starting to fall
there seems a voice, an echoing call
mud pulls me down, I take no breath
and just before I’m claimed by death
a light shines as I’m pulled from harm
a cloak wrapped round to keep me warm
a voice says loudly, ‘Why didn’t you see
the Red warning notice put there by me?’
I shake my head,  my sad gaze to the ground
as I’m suddenly aware of a loud mocking sound
I know it so well,  being doomed to never escape
I look Death in the face, … I am wearing his cape……
my dream
there is a gate
I go thro’ quickly,
I don’t wait….

LadyP ©2011








Hide and Seek…

Death gif

If I should pop my clogs real soon
I’d not be ready to face my doom
I’d be quite angry and I think I’d say
”I’ve too much to do, so please go away..”
hide and seek

If Death should answer “It’s your time
I’ve come for you,  just toe the line”
I think I’d make my point quite clear
by making a run for it, just disappear!!
 hide and seek
Being chased by Death would spur me on,
I could run like the clappers and be gone
trying to hide where Death could not seek
make him count a million before he could peek…

LadyP © 2011