I was so deep in thought when the Director put his head around my office door saying “It’s ok Pen, we’re just testing the fire alarm,” that I didn’t really take any notice,  just went back to staring at the set of figures which wouldn’t add up and sighed, thinking, “Shame it couldn’t be a real alarm, then I could have a rest from this mind twister” and no sooner thought than done.  There was a smell of smoke outside my door, people were quickly hurrying down to their allotted fire wardens and in a quick and orderly manner were exiting the building, although I hadn’t noticed any of this, I was tied up mind wise, but suddenly ‘Are you coming or not?’ queried a voice I hadn’t heard before, female but with a sort of deep gravelly but sexy undertone.  ‘You know my mate Fyrespike’ she offered to my scattering thoughts, ‘ he wanted me to come and introduce myself,  I’m Kalaseru,’ and with that sudden announcement in dramatic tones, (I almost expected a drum roll)  a large Red Dragon appeared.   I gulped, then proffered a hastily stitched together smile,  and coughed  (the smoke you know?).   Then, as she looked at my strange frozen expression with a sly gleam in her gorgeous blue eyes,  (such a shade of deep blue that I found myself almost mesmerised) I tried to put together a sentence through a mouth that had suddenly dried and finally succeeded in pulling my tongue from the roof of my mouth, offering ‘Um … hello, Fyrespike did say you’d drop by but never said exactly when’  to which she responded with a hearty roar of laughter, making smoke roll forth up to the ceiling and a small flash of flame leap out and set fire to the plastic on my stapler.    I hastily grabbed my paperwork and fanned the flames only making things worse, and my stapler just simply half melted.  Strange how such a little thing could make such a mess I thought to myself, as it almost stuck to the table and then dripped steadily onto the hardwood floor.  ‘Um, is Fyrespike dropping by?’ I added, which stopped her laughter stone cold, and her gaze hardened, ‘I don’t think he’ll be dropping by ever again. Our agreement for mate-ship has a clause banning contact with mortals.’   I stared worriedly at her large Red Dragon face, and the bared teeth and fangs she was suddenly proffering to me in the travesty of a human type smile. ‘Surely my friendship with Fyrespike isn’t a problem?  He’s been such a help to me and his continued support would be something I’d be grateful for, and of course you too, Kalaseru.” I weakly tried to smile “Since the Meeting of Souls I’ve felt as if we three had a bond to share’  as I thoughtlessly added this rider, I felt the air suddenly thrum with danger.  Too late I remembered Fyrespike’s warning about not sharing our ‘meeting’ souls wise,  as it was against any agreement he’d had with his mate.  … The atmosphere suddenly thinned, and I found myself hanging in mid-air outside my office window, staring down at my work mates grouped in the fire alarm position in the Car Park….

to be continued…Photobucket

LadyP © 2011


Story 1/A Dragons Tale

Story 2/Meeting of Souls

Story 3/Meeting of Souls  part2/

8 responses to “Kalaseru…

  1. Oh dear, a shock wave of fear has been sent from my toes to the top of my head….chills. Got a light? LOL I love this story Lady Pen, it is one that grabbed me with suspense from that first moment of smoke and I had thought you were telling a story of a day at work in Mundania….no no no, Land of Enchantia is more like it. Waiting for the “nest” chapter…;);)


    • hello Raven, you’ve found my store of Dragon stories. I:m very, very pleased you’re enjoying the tale. I do wonder if I’m writing them mainly for myself to escape the reality of the working day. 😉 … but as long as you enjoy I shall keep on writing…. about my favourite Green Dragon of all, Fyrespike (well, I don’t know any other ones!!) … I hope I won’t keep you hanging about for the ‘nest ‘chapter my lovely friend. 😀 xx


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  6. How are the babies … ? I’m lost, I think … oh, I don’t know … but I do know that I love the Fyrespike and Kalaseru stories … Purrrs, cat.


  7. O my!!! OOPs! And I thought I had a problem with my yap yap yap mouth!
    Yucky smelly stapler goooooey!
    LOL. What’s next…..I’m gonna leave the stapler behind now….


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