Meeting Of Souls…Part 1



I sat at my office desk,  staring at the screen before me whilst typing a comment to  Mike  on WordPress, and as my hands hesitated for a split second my nostrils suddenly caught a faint scent of tobacco smoke.  The NO Smoking rules adhered to on pain of death with a quick sneaky cigarette  in the toilets, meant that it could only be one person,  Fyrespike and I slowly glanced about the room, but saw no sign of the Green Dragon anywhere. Shrugging my shoulders I glanced back at the screen and very carefully continued typing. “Huh Hum” said a smoky gravelly voice and a ready smile formed on my lips as I glanced up at the smoky circle which now appeared  above my untidy desk. ‘Thank goodness the blinds are closed’ I thought.., ‘or anyone seeing this would think I’d taken up the Hookah…’  ”Lady Pen… are you coming for a Meeting of Souls?”  He growled, and suddenly he was there, floating about 3ft from the floor whilst smiling broadly and waving his red pipe at me in a ‘come hither’ circling  motion.  I quickly finished my comment to Mike and smiled broadly at Fyrespike…

Smoky Trail

“Boy oh boy am I glad to see you”  I said excitedly “Things are so frantic round here and ….”  He grinned, a full flashy mouth-filled-with-deadly-teeth grin, and butted in “Oh Yes, I can see you’re so busy keeping your site going and answering comments,  franticly working are you? ”    I flushed slightly and coughed, “Um, well I was just catching up with….”   He gave a full throated roar of laughter and warned with a slightly sly glance “Lady Pen, I can hear your thoughts, so no hiding anything from me, and as I could see you’re NOT busy,  I thought Why Not, Why Not invite the little mortal to the Meeting of Souls…”   I stared and then gulped and kept quiet, waiting patiently whilst thinking ‘Meeting of Souls, I wonder if Death’s involved?’

Smoky Trail

Another deep roar of laughter, accompanied this time by a stray lick of fire then a curling cloud of smoke, which my eyes automatically followed as it twisted slowly and ever so lazily upwards on it’s way to the ceiling.  ‘Any more of this and the fire alarm will go off’ I thought worriedly,  but his wide toothed grin appeared again as he queried “Well? Are you willing to come?  You know you have to agree verbally”   What do you think reader?  I swivelled my PC chair round and round and let out a yelp of laughter, ‘Oh yes, indeedy I am, try stopping me’  and suddenly at the same time as there was a hesitant knock at my office door, with a female voice querying “Pen, are you ok?” … a puff of smoke suddenly surrounded Fyrespike and myself, then everything went dizzy, a kaleidoscope type dizzy,  leaving a slightly sickening feeling at the back of my throat and a burning smell pervading my nose. Ugh,  it smelt horribly sulphur-like  or maybe just what you’d imagine Brimstone to smell like if you’d ever visited Hell …  “Funny you should think that Lady Pen” the Dragon growled, “Welcome to Hell” ……

Smoky Trail

LadyP © 2011

4 responses to “Meeting Of Souls…Part 1

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  2. Isn’t he a doll?!? A character to be reckoned with and you just the one to take him on. I must say his humor adds to his charm although if I swivel around to see him in my office….well, I may need to change my clothing. His little heart shaped smoke rings….clever!
    Love this story line!!!
    Raven xox


    • Many thanks Raven, I must admit he has taken on a lovely character all his own. Strange how mind to fingers, words typed and something comes to life. … Just glad you’re enjoying the tale as it unfolds my lovely friend. xx


  3. –hehehehehe,.. a come hither motion—instead of a come hither smile—

    Well, I guess I’ll just have to folllow this adventure to hell since the little witchiie with the kitty and spidey bot are AWOL.
    cough cough


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