Safe and Sound?…


“Lady Pen?..” a hesitant voice invaded my worried thoughts as I hung in mid air, (mainly ones about joining my office colleagues down in the car park,  head first and then totally flattened) but I tried hard to concentrate on Fyrespikes serious voice. “are you ok?”  and just as I was about to splutter that I had been better and then scream ‘HELP ME’ in capitals, than he did just that by transporting me directly to his lair.  Standing there, suddenly safe and sound, I was still shaking with fright and trying hard not to sniff the scent of burning rocks and some other added aroma as Fyrespike did his housekeeping. He was tidying up by sending his breath of flame to first char and then turn to dust any spare animal bone or hint of carcass, thus getting rid of the evidence of his meal the night before.  He looked slightly sheepish, ( making me wonder if that had been the unfortunate ready meal)  and failed to meet my eyes as he apologised saying “ Sorry about the mess, but I’ve been so busy lately and Kalaseru’s constant and ever changing demands are getting my goat” .. (ah.. last nights meal was maybe goat then?) …  “Kindly be serious Lady Pen” he chastised me having read my wayward thoughts, “and for your information it was Tinned Knight” and at my gasp of surprise and shock he responded “See? I can do funnies too you know” then continued  “BUT kindly listen to what I say and consider it seriously as this could be a very  dangerous time for you”… So I reigned in my thoughts and tried hard to concentrate on what he was about to tell me.  “Kalaseru is pregnant, she’s totally off the scale and just a tad unreliable.  I’m having to spend all my time trying to find food and treasures enough to fill her demands, and there’s still two more weeks to go before the Egg or Eggs”  at this his eyes turned all glowing warm and watery “ are laid and thankfully her mind will be totally concerned with caring for them and their safety.”   In response I didn’t know what to think or to say first,  all my thoughts were jumbled between danger from Kalseru in her condition and sheer happiness at Fyrespikes impending parenthood and they were fighting each other for utterance. Congratulations won the day, “ Fyrespike I’m so, so pleased for you,  you’re soon to be a father?  That’s such wonderful news” and I leant forward and kissed his now glowing red cheeks.  (not a good look usually, a Green Dragon with rosy red cheeks but I think he carried it off with aplomb)   His eyes went even more watery and shone with pride,  then he coughed on his always handy Red Pipe “ Why thank you Lady Pen,  it’s a very traumatic and emotional time, but it’ll be truly worth it when the Egg or Eggs  finally hatch.  Now you must understand me, My Mate is in hormone overdrive and you have become an easy target for her rages,  so I think I’d best hide you for the next two weeks. Is there anywhere you’ve always wanted to be? Anywhere at all?”   My eyes glazed over as my mind wandered through varying scenarios with JD, “Think Seriously” thundered Fyrespike, “just viable destinations only please”   and I tried so hard, I truly did, but still my mind went it’s own merry way,   a Desert Island, a comfortable grass hut, a short walk down to a wonderful golden sandy beach, plenty of fresh water, food to hand and Johnny.   As I came back ever so slowly from dreamland I heard him sigh deeply,  completely exasperated with me,  until suddenly a twinkling glint appeared in his eyes and I warily asked what he was thinking.  “Well, I couldn’t in all honesty magic the real Johnny Depp for you, but would a clone version do?   As a stand in type of thing?  He’d to all intents and purposes be JD only not, if you understand me?  He’d be your fantasy for a short time, and then Whooosh!! no more” My eyes glazed over again, and I imagined the sight, sound and feel of two weeks on a desert Island with JD ( or near enough JD) … “Could he wear the pirates outfit Fyrespike?  Full regalia?”  and he sent a look skywards whilst muttering to himself, I didn’t quite catch the words but I thought better to leave it for now. “Right then Lady Pen, for all intents and purposes you are now out of the loop, My lady love  Kalaseru will not be able to find you, and I’ll magic up a Desert Island with relevant host and enough supplies etc… for two weeks,  is that ok?”  … “Ok?” I gasped, “OK?  It’ll be heaven Fyrespike, sheer, glorious heaven.”  and I hugged, kissed and then danced about him, screaming with happiness… Already thinking of what I needed to pack for my travels, BUT…. too late, the Green Dragon was already raising his pipe, mumbling the words to set the spell in motion, and I was suddenly held aloft in mid air as reality whirled about me,  and everything turned black… with a few sparkling white bits… but more black than white!!   … Then just before total blackout I heard Kalseru’s unmistakeable deep voice… and …. darkness hit me..


to be continued….

Lady P © 2011

4 responses to “Safe and Sound?…

  1. I must have missed this post before, I thought i’d come read it before reading part 2. And i’m so glad I did, really wonderful writing Lady P. Lucky to have a great friend as Fyrespike who sends you on a dream vacation, just too bad he couldnt put a spell on JD and send him with you 😉


    • glad you’re enjoying the storyline Nikki, as I’m enjoying telling it, this year it’ll be the nearest I’ll get to a holiday, so the JD element was oh so lovely to just dream about for a moment in time. Something just had to go wrong, sigh!! 😀 xx


  2. “tinned knight” I LOVE it!
    dark happy laughter
    a Depp clone! ha! I hope it FELT like a vacation, Lady Penxx


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