There Be (Baby) Dragons…


I clung on in desperation as we travelled through the cool and misty tunnel of transportation, Fyrespike seemed in a desperate hurry, which didn’t bode well and I wondered what was troubling my friend.  I was soon to find out. The two little demons  um… babies were leading their mother (Kalaseru) father (Fyrespike) and Grandfather (Gregoryk) a merry dance. It soon transpired that none of them were getting any sleep since the two eggs had hatched 3 months ago and from the three Dragons expressions,  they seemed to feel it’d been 3 long years instead… (but I’m getting ahead of myself here… lets take a small step back in time…) 

∏  Ancient Scrolls of The
Dragonic Period/ Circa…15,00o Turns…
As scribed by The Ancient Ones…
Prophecy foretelling, Gold and Silver…  Shouldst Dragons Red and Green Merge….  ∏

∏   One will mate with Fire,  the Fire will lie with Green,  young shall be born,   Gold and Silver un-forlorn,  both highly blessed with Magic held,  this day it is spelled,  by the 1st Fire Breath of Dragons,  from the dawning of Our Time, we shall rise in power,  ‘ere this prophecy doth divine.   …. ∏

We both emerged from the Transportation Tunnel inside Fyrespike’s  and Kalaseru’s  cave,  slap bang into a fight scene from Terminator, (pick any scene from any of the films you like, my favourite is the one where… um…sorry… getting sidetracked)   So we landed and the fight or what looked like a fight was getting overheated, literally as Kalaseru was breathing fire,  totally at the end of her Red Dragon tether.   I was no help at first,  having to duck and dive behind my large friend, well away from the direct streams of fiery breath. Then suddenly my eye was caught by the totally sweet looking balls of energy that were the two baby Dragons.   Fyrespike took control (?) and roared at Kalaseru to stop breathing, she in turn took umbrage and replied “You’d like that wouldn’t you,  you … heartless, overbearing…” she seemed at a loss for the next insult to hurl but then caught sight of me hiding behind Fyrespike. ‘That’s torn it’  I thought desperately, holding myself ready for the sickly feeling of being transported somewhere nasty, but no, she smiled, actually smiled at me. Nicely,  … and then, whilst dexterously grabbing from mid-air the two frisky-flying bundles on their way past her, she handed the babies to me without any change in her demeanour, saying “ Lady Pen, I present to you your honorary Nephew and Niece” pointing first at the Shiny Metallic Grey one,  “This is your Niece, SilverLight” and then at the Golden One “and this is your nephew, GoldenStar” as foretold in the Ancient Scrolls of our Tribe….


I automatically fell into a sitting position, perching myself on a handy nearby curved rock, as the two babies settled themselves in my lap,  both sets of eyes upon me,  now quietened down and seemingly shyly angelic.  My heart  simply melted and they were from that moment on my babies, so perfect in every detail. (I have no idea what signifies a perfect baby Dragon, but I thought …. whatever does … they have ‘it’ )  SilverLight had streaks of darker grey on her wings flowing along the outside ridges, giving the effect of perpetual motion. Her large searching eyes were sapphire blue and as she stared directly into mine, I felt as if her mind was striving to make contact and I swear she said “Hello” to me telepathically… (although later Fyrespike told me her talent was not yet fully formed and she had no knowledge of human speech)  … GoldenStar was a different matter entirely, he seemed wary at first and looked at me through half-closed eyes,  what I could see of them were yellow, light golden yellow.  His hide was of the deepest gold and on his forehead he carried the mark of a small star… four pointed, the north and south elongated to resemble a picture of the perfect star at night.  I was totally dazzled, speechless, thoroughly misty eyed and alas my next thought was… ‘I haven’t even brought a birthing present’

Fyrespike and Kalaseru shared a quick glance and then both looked  pleadingly at me… They had heard my thought and both spoke at the same time… ‘ NO problem at all, LadyPen, tho’  you could do us one small favour ?’

…I had a certain feeling that the favour would not be small at all…..



to be continued……

LadyP © 2011

2 responses to “There Be (Baby) Dragons…

  1. Angelic dragons??? I think you’re setting moi up for a fast burn notice! Or a bait and switch–like JD to Terminator targets in um, certain rooms playing hide and seek.
    Lady Pen takes a walk on the dragon side
    somewhere there’s a dragon-toad to kiss
    then the fires will hiss and hiss
    until the Terminator runs down

    okay—stream of consciouness response above.

    Baby-sitting baby dragons–Oh what will they roast and toast?

    ~~ Pen, I do believe your writing is bringing out the devil in me……scampering devil, of course.


    • a devil eh Eva? … just glad you enjoyed the read of my pennings. I read them through again, ’twas a few years ago, so they’re now fresher in my mind. Thank you most sincerely for visiting Fyrespike and Co.. . Means a lot. xxx


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