Damsel In Distress…

“Keep your head down and don’t look up..keep your head down” The mantra was echoing through her mind. It was the only way she could cope. The only way she could get past the man, and he was there again, waiting, always waiting. Why Oh why hadn’t she left work early with the other girls, instead she was on her own, facing him again. Also it was dark, and she couldn’t leave it any longer, she’d had to go before it was too late.

She had thought she’d mastered any problems, as the art of bypassing harassment had become almost second nature. ‘Walk don’t run, ‘she told herself, ‘confidently hold your head up high and look as if you don’t have a care in the world.’ Trouble was she did, it was him, and he was there again, shown by the faint light shining from the lamp-post outside the empty outbuilding. Her heart leapt as she neared where he stood, slightly leaning against the gate, the exit, sorry to say it was the only exit or else she would’ve had an escape route. “Hello sexy” he growled menacingly, laughing too, she could hear it in his voice. Laughing at her. There was no way she could look directly at him as he continued “Can’t keep away eh?..”

Blatantly ignoring the fact she had to get past him, as it was the only path home. She had tried before to just look the other way and squeeze past, but it never worked, and suddenly she could feel her eyes watering, her hands starting to shake “No, no, just control yourself” she struggled with the thought, then her mantra changed to “just a few more steps, just a few more steps”  This time though, somehow she knew it was different. and she wasn’t surprised to feel her hand being grabbed ,“NO“ she screamed inside her head, “no, he’s changed the rules” Not that there were any but it was the only way her mind could cope with the situation. He pulled her roughly to him, “Now is that nice, Ignoring me all this time? You need a lesson girly, a lesson in manners”  She struggled, crying out in pain as his fingers dug deeply into her wrist, as her neck was suddenly bent backwards as his other hand pulled at her hair, his knee was digging into her stomach, propelling her against the dirty brick wall. “ All this time, all this time, you’ve been asking for this, begging for it, haven’t you?” his voice, excited, lifted at the end in a questioning tone. She tried in vain to free herself from his grip, she could feel herself losing control, she couldn’t…he was too strong, ‘NO,’ her mind screamed at her again, ‘you have to get free, kick him, scratch him, anything, Just get away.’  She opened her eyes to see his white face in the moonlight, evil, grinning, enjoying her terror, almost feeding from it.

Then just as suddenly she found herself free, and another deep voice was saying “Are you OK?  Did he hurt you?” This time she looked straight into someone’s eyes, straight into the face of someone looking at her with such concern.  A face so kind, with eyes so honest and clear that she almost felt her knees buckle., but she gained control, as she had to, as she had learned to do all her life.  “No,” she whispered shakily, “I’m fine, only a bit shaken up”.. Suddenly she realised her nemesis was lying flat-out on the ground. Unconscious, felled with a single solitary blow, marvellous!! Now if only she could get away, get her breathing back to normal, she could try to pretend none of this had happened, and her routine hadn’t changed. She was safe, she thought, beginning to relax, until she tried to walk forward and found her hand taken again, she was held in a firm grip and pulled back again. This time by her rescuer. “Are you sure you’re ok? You look a bit white about the gills” and his concern seemed genuine.

“Don’t touch me “ she almost growled, as it was too much, she was losing control, “ leave me alone, you don’t know what you’re getting into” and he laughed, he actually laughed, as she swung angrily around, staring at him in her almost frenzied state. Feeling herself losing the control she’d mastered through hours and hours of meditation. The shock of the attack had started the change, “Get away from me, now, right now, You are not safe”  She could see he was puzzled, totally out of his depth, and she tried to make him aware of what was happening. “You have to leave, now, before…” but her voice trailed away, she could feel her body, her face, her hands, everything starting to change,  “Run, run” she screamed “I can’t control this, I am so, so sorry”..

She could see through her changed eyes, the yellow slits they were now becoming, that he was mesmerised by the sight, standing stock still, not MOVING, Why? Why didn’t he run?. She now towered above him, her eyes streaming with tears, she had finally changed into her alter-ego, a 6ft, all-powerful She-Werewolf, her transformed body was now sleek, covered in gorgeous white silky fur. and wonderingly she stared at him  as he laughed out loud, a fantastic deep belly laugh of a sound, which tailed away to a haunting, life threatening Howl, … and then he changed too, He actually changed in front of her, 7ft of muscular He – Werewolf. Brilliant dark red fur, glorious silvery white eyes, and white sharp death-bringing teeth,  Sigh!! her dream date..

Together they looked down at the man, sprawled out, prone on the ground, helpless before them… Should they?… shouldn’t they?  Up to them I suppose, after all , who was there to stop them and they were hungry…

Lady P © MMIX

6 responses to “Damsel In Distress…

  1. Brilliant!


  2. Yes a very nice and ghoulishly awesome twist, just when one thinks she is doomed, her animal instincts take over and… He is no more…

    How wickedly told my Great Friend… I had not seen these little stories of yours, but I shall certainly take more notice now…

    Be well now Lady Pen and don’t forget to… Look Behind You? lol Just kidding have a lovely day and even better evening…

    Androgoth XXx


  3. Dammit, Pen, I’ve got to take Tango out shortly and it will be getting dark, why did I read this. but it was quite gripping, My heart is beating fast and I was getting quite carried away there, I thought it was going to be that Wolfie girl who was in the picture.
    Now I shall read the other one and hope it calms me down. you wicked lady.


  4. Love this, was quite gripped !!!


  5. You had me at mantra! This was holding me down and I so wanted to go for a cup of java. Good story and love she got rescued…that is wonderful.

    Love and hugs my friend,
    Raven xx


  6. LOL–her dream date or dream MATE?! How to take the conventional and spin it around into something FUN! Thanks Penxxxx! I feel much much better for having read this tale two hungry werewolves. Is there really enough to satisfy both of them? hmm? Or will another course be in order?


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