Gargoyles Regret…


Gargoyle 2

The little Gargoyle sighed with regret, his small hand supporting his saddened face.  True, his features were slightly frightening to those who didn’t know him, but that was his purpose, to scare people, to make them think on their lives and take care to tread the path of truth. He had been cast by a Stonemason of repute a long, long time ago, Medieval times, to be precise, and placed here with his fellows atop the old church roof…

He sighed again and looked to the night sky, noting it was almost sunrise, therefore ten more minutes maybe and his ‘life’ would be over… and he stared again at the Man machines, halted in their tracks by the one last remaining wall of his Church, his home and where he would see his last night. He was able to come alive at sunset, unlike his fellows, they just stayed as stone dead figures of nightmare warnings. He had no knowledge as to why just he was awarded this ability and despite the passing of so many years, he still remembered the amazement and joy he’d  felt when he had awoken that first sunset and every sunset since,  ‘til tonight that is … He had watched through the years, tied to this place unable to move more than a few paces from his carving place.  He’d seen countless changes, many different buildings built around him, then torn down for the next  ‘phase’  in Man’s Architectural adventure. He’d seen and heard so much of the rise of Man, of his machines in the sky,  amazed at how those machines had changed over the years, larger and faster, and he’d lost count of the number of times he’d wished he could fly too, but although he had wings he could not fly away from his birth stone, he was tied… and to be honest, he had to admit, he was tired too. Tired of this one view,  tired of  listening to his own thoughts.., and soon he would awake no more. They would tear down this last remaining wall, and it would be as if nothing had been there at all.  No people coming to praise the Lord, to feel close to their God, no hymns sounding through the rafters, no organ music to almost raise the roof. Although he’d only heard a few, when they offered late night services, it had helped him through the years… But the people had stopped coming, the nearby homes had been torn down and businesses had taken their place…NO need at all for this small, beautiful Church, and of course the land was worth more without it’s presence upon it…Hence the bulldozers,  and his last night… sadly before he could think another thought, the glinting fingers of sunlight touched on his now dead face… his expression held in sorrowful pose…and the Bulldozers did their work…

Next night a bare second after sunset, he awoke with a start of surprise, and stared about him at the garden where he now rested. A large block of stone held him up as a statue.  He moved slowly, disbelieving and found his wings twitched ever so slightly as he did so,  then as he concentrated they opened wide, and hovered about him. Could he?  Dare he try?  and he did, he took off and flew, high above the garden, and the neighbourhood. Once again tied to the area, but able to fly as high and wide as he liked… He landed in front of the base of his new resting place, and suddenly saw what had saved him…a Stonemason’s Mark , Masonic, maybe a valuable part of Mediaeval History… Saved by a Mason’s Guild mark…and as Gil he would be named…Gil the Gargoyle, and he would mark the occasion by flying high to view his new home. His Gargoyle face creased into a smile., alright it was not a beautiful one, but it was a smile nonetheless… Gil could fly at last……

Masonic medieval Stonemason mark

LadyP © 2011

5 responses to “Gargoyles Regret…

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  2. a touching and very thoughtful piece, LadyP, I enjoyed reading Gils story. x


  3. Rebirth of a stone.
    Now that’s a sweet twist on all things hot bird rising.


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