Hortense, Her Story….

blackcat11.gif picture by LadyPenelopeGranger

Every picture has a story to tell, or so I’ve heard. This picture has so much to say, It almost leaps at me to tell it.  Hortense, (the Witch) is in a bad mood, she’s been told by the Association ( the Association Of Spell Casters and Familiars… or AoSCaF for short) that she’d exceeded her quota of spells for the month and dire warnings had been heaped on her head, figuratively not literally, should she go against the ruling.  She was angry and Hortense in a paddy was not a pretty sight.  As You Can SEE!!……  She’d not had a happy life, living there on the outskirts of the Magic Wood, but she’d tried her best to fit in. “Trouble is they don’t like me having two familiars,” she thought, as she absent-mindedly stroked Magic, her black cat, and her pet spider, Morris.  It made her spells that much stronger having the two of them by her side and gave her the edge should she try to stand up to an older wizard or witch. That was her problem, she was the youngest witch in the area, and as such she was supposed to keep in the background if magic be needed. She would have thought her strength in spell casting would be an asset, but Oh no, THEY knew best, The old crones and suchlike.  She had a good mind  (sometimes), to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t forget, BUT what?.  What would make them see her in a different light? What could she do to become a fully fledged member of AoSCaF and not just a fledgling spell-caster?

See?.  that’s what the picture says to me., Hortense is thinking very deeply, about her future, her abilities and how to go about showing what’s she’s made of… Hmmmm, methinks there’s a story or two to be told…



14 responses to “Hortense, Her Story….

  1. This is a delightfully written Script Lady Pen… Its certainly keeps the interest throughout and I am just waiting for part two… It does have a part two doesn’t it Lady Penelope? BTW – the Graphic is a very well chosen addition to this piece of writing, which is full of character, wickedness and so sweetly constructed… Well Done You… Androgoth XXx


  2. I couldn’t help but smile all the way through reading this gorgeous story 🙂
    I’m very pleased to see you continuing with your writing.
    And of course…to see you!
    Who I hope is well and having a pretty good day!



  3. More, more, they cried!


  4. I’m quite mesmerised, and want to know what happens to the much maligned Hortense and her little friends, Morris, where did you get that name for a spider, it’s a hoot.
    What an imagination you have, keep us spellbound for longer.


  5. What a wonderful story Pen I have just found this so glad I did. You have a great imagination and i am looking forward to your next follow up. Thank you Hugs Sheila x


  6. I’ve just discovered Hortense, Lady P… I’m orf to rad more!


  7. hehe i’m looking forward to reading these stories. will comment on the way as i read. 🙂


  8. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    Lady Pen..you hear the whispers very well…
    such decisions face young witches every day…glad I am a Crone….


    • Never a crone, LadyBlue, fie to such sayings. 🙂 and there are new story-lines for Hortense and her familiars via the Coffee Break link at the top, should you want to follow on. Many thanks for reading xxx


  9. Methinks me sees the wheels turning and churning behind her brow even now.
    Dark chocolate banana taco time, Lady Pen.
    How is merry ole’ land of eng?


    • oh dear me Eva, Here in England, we’ve had hot sunny days for a while, but for the last two days we’ve been paying for it in kind. Storms, thunder and lightning, pouring rain, well I never, ’tis playing havoc with my hair, ’tis gone all curly and frizzy!! ;-), hope you enjoyed meeting Hortense, once you get to know her, she erm, grows on you!! 🙂 xxx


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