Hortense…Part 4…Happy Ever After

blackcat11.gif picture by LadyPenelopeGranger

Hortense, (the Young White Witch)
Her two familiars:-
Magic  (the Black Cat)
Morris (The Spider, Says he’s King of The Spiders)

High Wizard Roland (High Wiz for short, tho’ he was TALL)
Velma (Dark/Black Witch, we don’t like her)
Minnie (the Dwarf, also a Witch but of indeterminate colour) )
AoSCaF (the Association Of Spell Casters and Familiars…)   A group who distrusted Hortense for her strength of magic.

Story so far, in a nutshell, or spider web, type of thing.
Hortense was banished from Magic Dell Village, along with Morris, and Magic her familiars, (two of them , which gave her powers/spells extra Oomph!!!)  and this really was the reason, she was too strong. They (AoSCaF) had to band together to match her and they felt vulnerable.  So, she found herself a new abode, and was quite happy, until Velma showed her true dark nature, stole the villagers souls using The Magic Lantern. High Wiz had managed to evade her dark grasp, ending up at Hortense’s new home, asking  begging (Hortense says)
for help.  So, they (Hortense, Morris and Magic) are in a dream spelled sleep, trying to get the Magic Lantern back from Velma’s bony fingered grasp.

Hortense was totally tense and ready for anything.  Magic the Cat held tight to her shoulder, with Morris the Spider (King Morris, if he was to be believed) hanging on, web-wise, to her hat brim.  They were in the World of Dreams and it was dangerous. Should they be taken by the Magic Lantern and Velma’s Dark spell they would be lost forever,  as their earthly bodies would shrivel and die.   Finding the Black Witch, wasn’t really the problem, it was keeping away from the Golden Beam of the Magic Lantern, for it would suck out their souls and they’d be lost.  A ‘short finding’ spell came to mind, (‘cos it was close by,  if it was further away, ‘twould‘ve needed a ‘longer finding’ spell) and it magicked Hortense  to the only Mansion in the village, (High Wiz’s house) quite a large property.  Hortense would’ve loved to have peeked into every room,  just to find Velma’s whereabouts of course, not to see what High Wiz’s taste was like, but just then loud laughter showed Hortense that Velma was in residence, it could only be her as every other poor soul was taken.

She cast an ‘invisible’ spell to cover them all,  for even their dream state souls could be seen by anyone with magic/sensing knowledge.  Moving quickly forward they all saw Velma, sitting on High Wiz’s throne.  Never before had Hortense seen the inside of High Wiz’s house,  a Throne?  My oh My, he thought a lot of himself, she reflected, whilst looking about for a good vantage point. A nook holding some Magic Aids seemed perfect, so she glided there.  Velma was too busy staring at the Magic Lantern, which stood on a high-legged table nearby, to notice anything. She continued laughing at the souls held captive,  swaying inside the glass, as if in search of an exit.  Morris moved swiftly at Hortense’s silent command, and found a spot above Velma’s head. He found the throne quite handy really, such an ornate affair,  with magnificent scrollwork,  giving a particular spider many choices to sit and spin.  My oh my could Morris Spin, and within moments there was a thick, sticky, thread woven cage hanging from the back of the Throne.   Hortense, still hiding in the nook,  quickly dropped her ‘invisible’ spell,  (as only one spell could be held at a time)  and used the ‘motion’ spell to position the cage ‘round Velma before she could react. It Worked, all three minds were joined, Hortense and her familiars made Magic Spells so strong that no one Witch could hold against them.  Velma’s scream of rage was cut short as the webbing tightened and she lost consciousness, seeing this, quick as a flash, Magic the Cat  leapt to knock the ‘chrysalis’ over so it landed with a thump on the rather nice thick burgundy carpet.   Hortense smiled for the first time, she hadn’t actually believed they could do it, but she wasn’t letting the other two know that,  oh no. best not. They would’ve had second thoughts or even third ones.    Before the Lantern knew what was happening, Hortense picked up a lovely red velvet throw, covered in roses and a scrolled Ivy design,  throwing it expertly to hide any sign of the golden light. For even with Velma unconscious, it still held her spell. 

All they needed to do now was give the pre-arranged signal  (Magic Howling) and High Wiz would wake them, which of course is what happened.  When they awoke and were fully recovered, they all magicked back to High Wiz’s house, where the scene was as they’d left it.  High Wiz took the Lantern carefully away, to a secret location, (he wasn’t going to be caught out again)  where he intoned the ‘release’ spell, and all the souls returned to their rightful owners,   that is, erm.  they should have done, but that’s another story.

Velma? Well, as she’d tried to use all the villagers powers to take over Magic Dell Village, and maybe even infiltrate the Human World, well, what were they to do?   After a quick meeting of AoSCaF (an extraordinary meeting, as most of the villagers were a bit mixed up) it was decided to keep her as is,  I mean, she’s a handy statuette in the corner of the Meeting Room,  she stands as a constant reminder not to be Black!!

Hortense? Magic and Morris? They returned to their cottage,  for the mixed up villagers were apt to blame them solely for their predicament  (High Wiz never came clean)  and they felt safer far, far away.  

LadyP © 2014

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