Last Thoughts….

She’d lived in the house for years, no bother to anyone..So why?, why were they trying to get her out. Just because the house was worth more now than it had ever been…They felt it was wasted on one old woman. Well, she’d show them, yes she’d shown them she wasn’t dead yet., “Life in the Old Girl still, eh Tiny?” she whispered out loud to the small ginger cat, twirling itself round her ankles. He wasn’t her cat, just a welcome visitor, the only one she had. She liked to talk to Tiny, It was almost a warming feeling to hear her own voice. To hear the sound of someone talking, as she hadn’t spoken to anyone for days…Or maybe it was weeks?…The milkman stopped calling when she’d fallen behind with paying her bill, same with the paper-boy, same with everything really. Michael, her grandson never called round, well, not since she’d refused to give him the money for a car. How on earth could she afford that when she’d given him her last few savings for the new TV ,  where did he think she’d get the money from, thin air?  Now though, he was trying to get her into a home, then he’d get his hands on her property at last.  It was a shame really, as he’d been such a lovely child, always wanting to do things for his grandma, but now he felt she was a burden standing in the way of his inheritance. Him and that …woman of his…She was mainly to blame, always wanting the newest gadgets, the latest toy to be bought and then cast aside for something else, never satisfied, these young-uns. Well, she had a surprise for them. She’d drawn up a will and when she felt strong enough she’d take it to her solicitors. Yes, she sighed heavily, when she was strong enough.
Now, when had she last eaten? She felt so weak. Had it been yesterday or the day before?. ..Ah, she thought,  if only Jim were alive, he’d look after me…but Jim had died, leaving her completely alone. Why? She missed him so much, why had he been taken from her?, why couldn’t it have been she who’d gone first? He had been the strongest of the two of them, he could have coped with her problems easily. They’d struggled so hard though-out their lives to raise their son, only to be left with that…. weak minded individual, under the thumb of that … woman!!…. Well, she’d show them…Oh yes..she would…She’d show ….
She was so tired, tired of being without the love and strength of her Jim, it had been how long? sixteen?…no seventeen years now. Too long, much too long. The ready tears were there, casting a blur on the room.  She suddenly noticed a movement in the gloomy corner, was there something shining? Then all of a sudden a figure was bending over her, holding his hand out towards her…. Jim?… was it?…no, it couldn’t be. He looked so young, just like the day he’d asked her to be his love for the rest of his life. She smiled, her face alight with hope, her eyes shining like a young girls, It was so good to see him, so much so that her heart was bursting with love, in fact her heart burst…and she breathed her last. Holding on to Jim…Ah…She was home, home at last….What did it matter about the house, what did anything matter? Her true love, her mate, her Jim was here.. Looking after her, as he’d promised. Love will see to all things………

LadyP © 2010

6 responses to “Last Thoughts….

  1. thats a lovely story and yes what does our possessions mean at the end nothing well im leaving skeletons and all things dark lol xxjen


  2. Lovely…


  3. There’s no pockets in a shroud they say, but I’d change that if my family treated me shabby ! too right.


  4. Rest in Peace … the story gave me goosebumps, Lady P … I’ll get my comforter now … and then I’ll read your story again … and then I’ll get some more goosebumps … purrr!


  5. arrrh… loved this Pen, nothing matters but love, love is the eternal cord that binds us together, as we cast the material. Arrgh… if only we knew how much anger, jealousies and greed were caused by humanity thinking owning and possessing those material items outweighed emotions of love and compassion. What a different world then.. For at the end of the day, we come with nothing and leave only with our memories.. Lets make them count, each and every day… I see you are a woman with a beautiful Soul.. and one after my own heart.
    I really enjoyed my Coffee Break Story.. or should that be my Supper break 🙂


    • many thanks Sue, and I agree with your every word… why place such emphasis on what’s not important?… but it seems that you are judged highly by how much money you have obtained, not by how you live your life…Which to me is a better guide to then person within. Glad you enjoyed your coffee break and many thanks for visiting my friend. xx


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