Tick Tock….


For the second time that night she checked under the bed…No nothing. What was that noise?  There, there it was again…a slight ticking sound. Her brother had said something about the ‘Death Watch Beetle’ and she being a serious 6 year old…took things literally, so this black beetle (they always were black, weren’t they?) had to have a watch, surely? So, obviously he needed to tell the time for some reason, a bit like the rabbit in that Alice in Wonderland story that she likes so much. She wasn’t scared, of course not…the light was on…obviously nothing could happen while the light was on, she knew that and so everyone knew it,  even 6 year olds.  Actually she was six and three quarters, so important  that three quarters, as she was older than her best-friend so she knew more about life.    She knew about Beetles, therefore she wanted to see this one and as she was feeling sleepy she might miss it…so it better hurry up and come out from under wherever it was, because, yawn!  …she was so, so tired…..

Morning arrived to find the little girl asleep on the floor, curled up in her duvet by the side of the bed. Her older brother tip-toed in and crawled under the bed from the opposite side,  lifted a broken piece of floorboard,  carefully removed his Grandfathers Old Gold pocket watch, replaced the board ever so silently and tiptoed out of the room again…

Some time later, the little girl woke from her slumbers and found she was still on the floor. She remembered the night before and smiling to herself she looked down at her left hand. There held gently in the palm of her hand was a little Black Beetle, wearing a  gold chain around it’s neck  …  and from it there hung a tiny, tiny watch….

Lady P © 2009


7 responses to “Tick Tock….

  1. This is lovely with a nice twist 🙂 and reminded me of something from my childhood. Like most small kids, I was afraid of things lurking under the bed and when I was about 6, my brother hid under mine and grabbed my leg as I was about to go to bed one night – as you can imagine, it freaked me out completely and for a time I would run and leap onto my bed from a distance – my father ended up building me box beds that were flush with the floor.


  2. Ah, this is so sweet. Reminds me of that childhood belief in magic. Wonderfully written. Alas, it also reminds me of the time I visited Boston and came face to face with two HUGE cockroaches in the bathroom. Now, I’m not a small person, but I swear, they were almost as big as me!!!

    Happy New Year my friend – and thanks for all of your visits and wonderful comments on my blog xx LD


  3. That’s my sort of story Pen, I’ve done similar, and am going to blog it,but maybe you’d better not read it, could upset you.


  4. O oo a little delight with a nod to Poe too.
    Who has ears to hear?
    I think she would love meeting little Miss Electricity! They’re both 6 years old. How about that? Go figure.
    Hi Lady Pen.
    Btw, I noted a reference to a marriage proposal amongst some comments while you had your bags packed. Hmm?
    Was that real thing or just a play thing? Yeah, I’m nosey that way. 🙂 LOL I can mind my own business too if drected to do such….well, I can try.


    • Go figure Indeed, Eva, glad you enjoyed this one, it’s an early short story, one of my first. Marriage proposal was in jest, I think, 🙂 . when I was upset at being treated as spam, John made a joke of his proposal being trapped in spam somewhere. erm, at least I think it was a joke. now you’ve got me wondering. OOooer!”! 😉 xx


      • “John” and his spam joke– hmm- well, “John” certainly caught my attention with that ‘comment’. LOL.
        Early shorts can be just as much fun as later shorts to read.
        HI Pen.
        Yeah, I’m ‘back’ online for a little today. Some BS action and a little blogcasa visiting until my time runs out.
        Glad you’re out of the spam can now. 🙂 Though I have come across other folks having the same issue. Some cyber geek on a tear I rather guess. Doing what they do just because they CAN. 🙂
        Dark chocolate covered butter cookies are chilling in the icebook. Please have some!


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