Poison Pen…..


You know when you have off days?… When something happens to make you feel uptight, swear words form in your head and maybe your hands turn into fists as if in a vain attempt to batter them against the World, or whatever’s trying to drag you down? NO? Or mayhap that’s just me….

I sometimes just want to write a poem or blog that’s dark and maybe full of self pity, but it get’s the whole feeling out of my system…I don’t really want to post it on my front page…So I thought I’d just ‘vent my spleen’ here…and then it’s over and done with and Peace and calm descends once more.. 🙂

Please click on a picture and feel free to read…

 Blast Off..


4 responses to “Poison Pen…..

  1. Hi Pen,
    Woohoo! This is your Rant and rave place, thats a good idea to have place like here thought your partners should read before then he can talk to you?
    Hope not too many before the Christmas season:-)
    Enjoy your day with Bess,


  2. What a good idea, but where do you get the time, far less the imagination? you amaze me.


  3. I squeeze time, like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube… heh!!…. just manage it somehow Arlene, xx


  4. It seems a very good idea to me. Why keep the negativity inside, after all?


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