Blast Off..

An emotion is growing and it’s not very nice

it starts with a feeling of unease

the feeling is building …. like a jug overflowing,

or like an itch before a sneeze

Blast Off..

the feeling builds, it grows unseen…

the anger bubbling deep within…

temper gives way, a storm erupts,

how the heck did this feeling begin?

Blast Off..  

It’s as if everything’s wrong, nothing feels right

you search for the cause of your pain

checking the palm of your hand

where your nails left their mark

and cry “Am I going insane?”

Blast Off..

Your mind is erupting with temper unchecked

you try to calm down … but you fail

you let go of the anger in one fell swoop

and it’s like a tiger held by it’s tail…

LadyP © 2010



15 responses to “Eruptions….

  1. Wow and wow again Pen lovely beautiful , I am so glad I eventually found this poem. Thank you for your comments also glad it brought good memories of your Auntie also. Such times are so good to keep close to your heart and it takes a little trigger to spark off that ,memory again. Enjoy your weekend and look forward to reading more of your poems. Hugs Sheila x


  2. remember.. you are a Leo… you poke the kitty.. you pull back the bloody stump!
    my motto to anyone or anything that desecrates my space..
    strength is in believing in ones self.. nothing more.


  3. Ah , so you’re a Leo too, made of stern stuff we are, good poem Pen.


  4. liked this pen i feel like that every monday lol xxjen


  5. It sounds like you’re maybe trapped in the coal cellar. Lovely rhyming though, I find your poems just so thought provoking. I bet Bess is so proud of his literate Mum, Licks from Tango


  6. I wondeer if you saw these comments, I clean forgot I posted them.


    • Madame Pen….I see all things!! (I don’t see dead people though!!) …I just wasn;t into responding on the comment page then…makes more sense now…Shows you’ve been noticed don’t it? Hugs!!


  7. The prompt for this only came through to-day, huh! and yes it makes more sense to reply to comments as yoou now do, it was what I was getting at when I posted Comments or Conversation, remember it? as you often don’t knwo if your comments have been read or not, sometimes as you might see I either reply individually or make a new blog in reply to them, I just feel it’s nice that people see their remarks have been noticed, eh oop, off my soap box now.


    • ok, I do remember, and I’m sure you don’t need a soap box, … you are the most sensible person I know, and I now see the sense in it and do my best to answer all comments ont’ my space and on others sites too…’tis only fitting…
      (and I still don’t see dead people…thank goodness!!!) 😉 xx


  8. Yahooooo success, I wish more people did, as I love to have even just a little bit of follow up on comments,
    I wouldn’t want to see dead people, mind you some live people seem to be dead anyhow. lol
    Going to blog my day before I go to sleep.


    • I agree wholeheartedly, some seem dead to any feeling for anything in this world of ours..and when I read Prenins story, it makes me wonder about humanity, and if some people are just not worthy of any title… they must be so hollow inside that nothing matters to them… It makes me feel (?) … it just makes me feel so many emotions, and ask so many questions of the Power,. God , being or whatever, how can this cruelty happen, man to man, man to animals, it just sickens me to my soul….but then my mind readjusts and things steady themselves and the world seems a brighter place, hope …. there’s hope … People who care…leveling the playing field … sorry, Arlene, just thinking ‘out loud’ I suppose…
      hope you slept well, Bess had me up @ 4 …. still tired…. but up and about..!!


  9. Intense Dear Pen
    All The Best,
    peace, x


  10. Just let go. Who cares how dark it feels?


  11. Beautifully written. I’ve no words to say how I feel, like I’m stripped, someone just caught me naked.


    • any response is good, Arjun, your response was… fantastico … 🙂 … ’tis an emotion which can explode and leave one feeling exhausted… but such relief once it’s expired.. xx


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