My Girl ….

On Auto…


The key turns
the door opens wide,
There’s no sound
as I step inside
No welcoming bark,
no tail wag for me
my eyes fill with tears

8 responses to “My Girl ….

  1. My eyes fill for you Pen.
    Take care
    Trevor xx


  2. I know exactly how you feel Lady Pen

    Androgoth XXx


    • now I’m filing up again, Andro will it ever get less painful? It’s so strange, when my mother died, I accepted it, I truly did, …but somehow with My Girl, it’s because she depended on me to look after her, and I wanted to protect her, but in this I failed miserably, I couldn’t fight bloody Death… (the coward wouldn’t let me get near him, 😦 ) …. God it’s so quiet… a bit like death itself… …xPenx


  3. really nice blog……


  4. When I think of you, Bess too always come to mind, then I feel a pang in my heart for you.

    Deb xx


    • It is still so, so raw Deb, every day is a reminder that she’s not here with me…. I am wallowing I know, but it hurts so damned much.. The silence and not being able to hug my Girl,, I wanted to be always there, looking after her.. and sensibly I knew this wasn’t an option, never is in this life.. but…still I cry!! .. Thanks you for your words, they mean a lot.. xPenx


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