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Sez Who?

thoughts 2
Who says
“ you can’t live your dreams?”
oh that’s right,  thoughts  in my head,
that’s who.
Who says “ life is less than it seems,”
that’s right, thoughts in my head,
‘tis you.
I say to you, thoughts in my head,
step back and give me space
let me fly free, live every
opportunity, and If I fail,
keep quiet
with mute good grace.

Do I often argue with my thoughts? I’ll take the 5th, and do ‘they’ take a blind bit of notice?  Nope!!   xx

Journeys & Answers…

PenpusherpenI didn’t know I was going
to discover a truth
from the depths of the past
in a trip to my youth
visiting my birthplace
seeing with new eyes
where I played
where I grew
a childhood constrained by lies.
It seems we are coloured
by those early years,
I wonder,
can a life painting
be changed
by countless
number of tears?
’Tis alright saying
we plough our own path
but “Who am I really?”
  me laugh…

Apologies fellow bloggers for my absence,  ‘twas an unexpected trip back to my hometown to sort out family business.  Strange how BIG things from the past seem so much smaller viewed through older/grown up eyes.  Strange too how the ‘large’ walls of the neighbours garden have shrunk and everything appeared so different.   I need to travel back again, this time for a longer stay so I shall see you all and catch up when I can.  I hope WordPress is finally sorting itself out, though I did take a trip over to Sir Aquatom’s Blog and it appears my hopes are in vain.  Sigh!! xx

Page Turners…

The thumbing of  paper,
eyes locked on the page,
mind absorbed in a story
lost in a bygone age.
Imagining the villain
or hero playing fair
‘tis such
wonderful adventure
safely cocooned in your chair.

I remember vividly my Mum sitting in a chair, reading her Mills & Boon stories. Love and romance all gift wrapped in a happy package. So many books lying around that I started to read them, started to almost become addicted, the pull of the stories, the conformity of two people, meeting each other, going through convoluted misunderstandings, then the finale, the marriage at the end… ‘twas always a happy ending as I said… Or was it?… Mum was divorced, left to raise us on her own… Yet she still enjoyed reading about the thrill of romance, true love and meeting Mr Right, the One for you… It seems from childhood we’re brainwashed into thinking that two parents, (with 1.2 children) is the family unit… and I suppose it is, kind of,  the basis or foundation of society still. Although the boundaries have blurred somewhat and now you have split families, a parent with two sometimes even three, (or more) family units,  joined with one, split up and then happily joined with another. Are they on the lookout for Mr/Mrs Right?  Or just playing the field one wonders … It seems from day one we’re imprinted with a normality stamp, you’re either male or female and once catalogued you conform to what’s expected of that group. From then onwards It takes many years to ‘find’ yourself, to fight off your imprinted outlook and actually ‘see’ personally what’s right for you as an individual.  Marriage has almost become old-fashioned, partnerships are the norm, with hyphenated surnames for the children.  Same sex couples can marry in some Churches and have children by adoption or surrogacy … I’m not saying anything is wrong with that,  just asking why?… Are they caught up in the Love and Romance of Mills and Boon… Searching for that elusive Happy Ever After Label? 
It seems strange to me that I still recall those books with such affection
and since Mum died I haven’t thought of them at all ‘til now … ‘tis just a memory of books I once read … xPenx



Gold Ring
Mystical Gold RingMystical Gold Ring“There’s nothing I need”
I said to the Stall Man,
stood drinking his coffee beside a White Van.
His eyebrows raised,  his eyes twinkled with glee,
he thought for a while before he answered me.
“Nothing at all…  Not in need of anything?
Well, how about this?”  he brought forth a small ring,
saying “This is so special, why not try it for size?”
It fitted exactly, my eyes gazed long at the prize,
I asked“How can I afford such a precious thing?”
said he “Take it, for all the luck it might bring
It was forged by someone I met times past
may it bring you good fortune enough to last”
I sighed before asking
“What will the price be?”
he stared, deadly serious
eyes hypnotising me.
“No money will buy this,
it has chosen you now.
Charmed to your finger,
soon it will show you how
to travel between Worlds
thought long ago dead”
His voice now filled me
with excitement-tinged dread.
“You are destined to search
on quests travelling far,
Milady, nothing
you need?
How so

LadyP© 2011

Gold Ring

London Calling…

Fyrespike ‘n I were on an adventure or two,
when a buzzing noise startled, out of the blue,
’twas my Infer– Internal phone letting me know
that work was calling,  Gadzooks, ‘tis ever so.
   “Pen” said the Director “We’re one person short”
with boggling mind and imagination I fought
  ‘One Short for what?’ I at last managed to query
“The London Business Course” he sounded weary

“Neville’s had to drop out, his back is twingeing”
I made appropriate noises, (Nev was always wingeing)
   “So, will you go?” making an order seem a question
“Ok, Colin” I said sweetly “what a great suggestion”

So there was I soaking up knowledge by numbers
Filling page upon page with corporate future blunders
glancing about at faces staring so hard to concentrate
thought on my poem,
Switched On,  mayhap a touch of fate?



London was good though, when we finally managed some free time.  I begged, stole and borrowed some photo’s from others., as my mobile phone couldn’t capture enough depth and was quite hopeless… ‘cepting this one *from St Pancras… (Promise to self, I must, I must buy a new Camera!!)

*Sir John Betjemin, St Pancras Statue*

   Greater London Auth. Building. (Boris's place) Houses of Parliament London Eye Tate Modern Thamesunderbridge Tower Bridge Tower of London