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Teddy Bear scruff  I asked
“Is something wrong”
you hesitated far too long.
I saw the change in your eyes
’tis a loo
k you can’t disguise.
Time has left it’s mark ‘tis true,
but a few grey hairs?
worry you.

‘cos of course,
doesn’t worry me… at all…
That’s what hairdressers are for…   *cough*  xx

Slice of Life…

1451401_548228211925568_1679858558_nThis Photograph study is courtesy of Arjun,
His photo’s are reflections of life
and truly capture the imagination.

A Man

and we die
but in between,
countless slices
of life to be seen.
This photo taken,
of a man looking back,
his expression caught by a
silent attack. What is he thinking,
on what does he ponder as he looks to
the lens, no sign of wonder.
“Here am I,
here I stand,
my life written
by a pitiless hand.
Lines, careworn I show,
my mouth, held firmly just so.
I live, I love, and share my pain too,
as you stare at me, I stare back steadily,
at you”

Problem Solved…

 Old fence
The old wooden fence leant over,
weighed down by age and wear.
Thick-set ivy clung on regardless
white-belled flowers nod in the air.
The house looked lost and dreamy,
dusty windows mournful to see
how unruly was the large garden
without hands tending lovingly.
Years passed by since it’s owner,
had gone sadly leaving no heirs.
Years since any voice echoed
in faded rooms, halls and stairs…
But wait, loud voices and laughter,
a key opens the creaking front door,
the house shivers to it’s top rafter
sensing feet and hands as they explore.
The new fence stands proud and smiling
the house looks on, feeling utmost glee
totally spick and span as it could wish
complete with a happy, loving family…

I didn’t know how to end the story of the house and garden, sometimes I just go with the flow, this time tho’  I nearly went  the wrecking crew route, but didn’t have the heart,.. The house, the fence and garden is now alive to me ,… you see?   😉

Peta Pen…

Peta PenI jumped the
age barrier,
“I did it”
I thought,
but my trailing
foot was caught.
I could see years
behind me, even
more up front, in fact
years lined up
from naught.
’Twas a terrible sight,
so many years gone,
Made me really
wonder, what
I’d actually
Crow Tattoo..Crow Tattoo..Crow Tattoo.. Crow Tattoo..Crow Tattoo..

What do you want to be when you grow up?” was a question I hated as a child… I didn’t know then  (I would stare at the questioner, hard…) and I don’t know now… I’ve not grown up you understand, in fact  never will this girl be grown up… a virtual Peta Pen … “Second star to the right, and straight on ’till morning.” … I refuse to age, I will put my foot down ‘n if I must be carried along by the years I’ll be kicking ‘n screaming ‘til I’m heard and taken notice of… NO more ageing, ‘tis the height of being ageist and I won’t stand for it… This year by year of being labelled, asked ‘your age please’ on forms, by anyone of a grown up nature. Surely you don’t need to ask, I’m so many years YOUNG for goodness sake… and I shall die young… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it… So there!!
Lady P (aka Pen)   xx

Age toon

*We’re Looking for someone with the wisdom of a 50 year old, the experience of a 40 year old, the drive of a 30 year old and the pay scale of a 20 year old…  *