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The voice said
“Go back
‘Tis not
your time”
I floated down
to this body of mine,
lying there, flesh ‘n bone,
soulfully lost, on my own,
for the light was still there,
shining bright, calling to me,
feeling so right, beautiful,
pulling, surely not dreamt?
It just wasn’t my time,
‘Twasn’t meant.  

Battle Eternal…

flame_thumb.gif The  flame, it burns eternal,
mortals have no say.
We are born,
thus we die,
’tis rightly
written this way.
The battle is never over
for neither side truly wins.
Good or evil cannot conquer,
they are co-joined as twins.



Is it
weakness to share?
is it weakness to care,
weakness to let others
see how you fare?
Surely strength
plays a part,
in a pure
sharing, caring,
‘tis a positive start…

Soul Prints…

Dove of humanityDove of humanity 
so crisp in the snow,
left the safety of the path behind.
Looking about I wondered where to go,
if I followed would I be out of my mind?
’Twas an easy decision, I trailed the prints
finding myself trekking for miles,
‘til there ahead I spied a glade,
free of Winters icy wiles…
In the centre
a laughing brook tumbled,
birds happily chirped in trees,  
I walked to the bank of the water,
feeling warmth as I sank to my knees.
I trailed my cold fingers to thaw them,
for to take the fierce aching away,
’twas then I suddenly espied him
and I stood up quickly to say
“Beg pardon, is this glade
private, should I
not be here at all?”
He replied with such love, “You are here, my dove,
as you died in the cold snow fall”

Smiling Still…

smile There’s nothing as warming as a shared smile,
to connect with a stranger for a little while,
a few words here,  a warm glance there,
instead of the coolness
of an unfriendly stare.
If a smile is offered,
               would you return it?
     if a hand is offered, …..
         will you shake it?
If there are no sides to your nature and
you bear no ill will, If you meet all with kindness
                                      surely hearts will overspill?
Or mayhap I dream, appearing naive’ ?
My answer is a smile ,
‘tis what I believe…