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Time Gap…

I feel quite alien,
as if mis-stepping in time.
The beat of life’s drum changes
as a constantly rewritten rhyme.
There’s no
thing to say I’m different,
as nothing makes me stand out
but greeting and meeting others
gives me pause and reason to doubt.
A feeling of strangeness lingers
as if a thin veil glides between
this and that other reality
Mayhap that is where I
should have been?

A Key Dimension…

House-with-Key I put my key into the lock
but found it wouldn’t budge,
the door it seemed
to snigger as if it
bore a grudge.
I fiddled ‘n I jiggled
then resorted to a kick,
but that didn’t help at all
only left me feeling sick.
’Twas then the door
sneered at me
as it’s long
It was not
the door, or the key,
I was in the wrong world…