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Hold On Tight…

nightmars 1                                        I placed my foot                
upon the stair,
              then in a blink                             
                                  it wasn’t there.                                                                
I fell for miles, or
so it seemed
as if time slowed as I dreamed.
But opening eyes
wide in fright
gave true sense of my plight.
The ground                              
was coming,
                          hurtling fast,

as I relived a lifetime past.
Then suddenly, all was still
held in stasis by my will,
for the Pen
I gripped
became my friend,
taking control
I wrote…
The End  

Gotta love being in control. x


tree carvings 2

‘Tis the snow that haunts me from that day,
to see many footprints on their way
“Where do they lead”  ‘twas my thought
before I knew it I was caught
trailing them here ‘n there,
through the trees without care,
needing to see where they led
oh dear reader,
I should have fled.
On I went totally blind
to any thought but what I’d find.
’Til finally there they stood, huge carvings
in living wood. Tree trunk bare, branches locked,
I wandered round, totally shocked. Such effigies never
seen before, they thrilled my mind ‘n much more.
Unknowing a figure lurking near,
all clad in black, cloaked by fear,
ensorcelled me where I stood…
A frozen figure, ‘twould do no good
to warn you, for naught could be done,
as we who stand here are gone.
‘Tis so lonely inside this place,
staring out of my carved
wooden face…

Just ‘Cos…

Wood Knot 1Wood Knot 1I poked a finger in the hole
just ‘cos I could, little did I know
’twas a wish-knot in the wood.
Thoughts swirled wildly,
my finger was held tight,
I had no control at all,
as I pulled
with all my might.
‘Thy wish will be granted’
intoned a voice in my head.
I quickly searched my thoughts
to find which wish I’d said.
My brain was full of chatter,
far too many to filter out.
Now I’m left to wonder
whichever ‘wish’


Traveller’s Rest…

I bid thee good day, traveller
art thou sorely in need of a drink?
Doth thy bones feel tired and weary
craving a soft bed in which to sink?
Thy journey seemed fraught, endless,
a personal quest, a memory gone.
Please rest, sit and take repast
’tis a while since I aided anyone.
Hearth ‘n home I freely offer
a welcome to tarry ‘til daybreak
but a word to the wise I proffer
answer no knocks, for pity’s sake.
There be one who’s soul is restless,
she roams about in search of peace,
pray ignore her pleas and entreaties
LadyP will bend thy ear ‘n never cease.

this came to me last night,  sleepless, as a dreamscape, a story in a story.     I just enjoyed the darkness of it. xx


 Ye Olde Tome 
‘Twas an old leather tome
left forgotten and alone,
muttering long at it’s decay.
‘Twas Magic you see,
had a destiny but
all it did was sit,
Ye olde leather tome
knew if it wanted to roam,
matters needed taking in hand.
So it searched it’s full pages,
which seemed to take ages,
as the runes proved hard to
Ye Olde leather book,
found the spell, thence it took
due care to speak magic words well.
Forsooth, it’s form changed,
to a Dragon rearranged,
now in a Mountain
top cave
doth it