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The voice said
“Go back
‘Tis not
your time”
I floated down
to this body of mine,
lying there, flesh ‘n bone,
soulfully lost, on my own,
for the light was still there,
shining bright, calling to me,
feeling so right, beautiful,
pulling, surely not dreamt?
It just wasn’t my time,
‘Twasn’t meant.  




You asked could you be forgiven, 
I said yes, but you see I lied.
You asked if you had hurt me,
I said no, truth is I cried.
Truth can be sometimes hurtful,
make the vulnerable even more so.
Then you asked if we had a future,
I answered with truth,
coup de grâce,
a loud

Best Laid Plans…

          “Come in,            
sit down,
we’ll talk
over your plan”
so I sat, as I listened
to the officious looking man.
He seemed unfazed by my frowning face
his cheesy smile fixed,  almost super glued in place.
”Can I stop you there” I was rude enough to say,
for his manner was odd,
thus making me sway.
The room became darker
as painful words sank in,
like tiny daggers, aligned,  strangely making
me grin.
For pain can be a friend, adjusting senses from a tilt.
I ceased falling, I was safe, he was backing me to the hilt.
My Plan was effective, there was no doubt.
And the Plan?  For me to know,
and you?
To never
find out.

I have no idea, at all, where this came from, or what is meant precisely, I just went with the flow, and the flow brought me a question, which I assume will never be answered.  Rightly so methinks.     xx

Metal Bin…

 Pedal Bin
  bin sits,
’til I stand on it’s toe,
it opens it’s mouth
as if saying hello,
I throw in a tissue
or cotton wool pad,
I wonder,  does it feel,
does it ever get mad?
I now need to empty
it’s full belly you see,
so I don’t want it
it could
eat me.


I have this… mad (?) idea, that inanimate objects can have feelings,  so I usually name them, sounds strange I know, and ‘tis ever so sad when one wears out and needs to be replaced… many tears are shed I can tell you… x 


 Butterfly-1  Walking down the street one day,
so fast,  could speed spirit me away
from troubled thoughts left far behind?
tho’ some are constant in your mind,
no way to outrun or to flee 
they’re in your head,
Suddenly a voice said “Hey hello”
I turned and instantly wanted to go
’twas a distant friend not seen for a while.
Instead I stopped and gave a smile
saying “How are you, how’ve you been?”
then he told me all that’d happened to him.
As he talked, listing his troubles and woes
I felt shame wash from my head to my toes
so much pain,… yet he sought no pity,
his words were succinct, even witty.
As he said “Goodbye, thanks for
being a good friend”
I promised myself
self pity, self absorption
would end…
LadyP© 2013