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shining dove with rays on a dark It appears
I’m climbing a mountain,
my whole life a spur to the top.
At the moment it feels slow going
I’m afraid to slowdown and stop.
Looking back I see many detours,
mistaken when faith grew weak.
When the way seemed easier,
or so I thought, until the
trail led me back to seek,
the true path to the crown
to the summit, where every
breath is now thin and frail.
Reaching the pinnacle of life’s
desire,  to achieve flight, not to
plummet and thereby fail.

Little Earth…

A Lullaby
Earth, Moon_ n Sun  Don’t you worry little one,
don’t fret so,  have you
never felt my glow?
I’ve kept you safe
from harms way,
kept dark
nightmares at bay,
held you tight so you can rest,
so, goodnight little one,
oh so blessed…


 photo a0c65ccb-df2b-4d17-9c28-895f0587f1bb.jpg
I can’t
touch the ceiling
but I can touch my toes
I can bend from the waist
and look
cross eyed at my nose
I can’t run a mile but I can jog a few steps
I’m not fat
I’m not thin
I’m  just normal
but… what’s best?

Memories at Play…


Little Beck..
There’s a Beck I used to play in when I was a child
with my brother and sister, we three ran wild
splashing, laughing and shrieking in play
I remember that Beck to this day.
We never felt in any danger,
we never felt any threat
each day we would
wander with
we met.
Halcyon days, recalled with a smile,
    I want to go back there,  just to paddle for a while….

LadyP © 2011

Halo, Halo…


I polish my halo daily.
It still refuses to shine,
I acquired it second hand
from an old friend of mine.
He swore it was truly genuine
’twould regain it’s golden lustre
should I be pure in word and deed
not just prove handy with a duster…..


LadyP© 2011