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Moon Beams The Moon dressed
in all her white glory, stares
  down with ever careless gaze, at those
who worship her stark beauty, by looking
upward marking every phase.  Her spectral
light doth truly glisten, upon the restless ever
churning sea, as with every waxing ‘n
waning she lives, the tidal waves
follow her focal symmetry.
LadyP ©2014

The Extra Mile…

 xtra mile 3  If we walked a
mile in each others shoes,
would we take more care of the
we choose?
Would it make us
reflect about others in
plight or would we sleep
easy, no nightmares to
fight. No hunger to stifle,
no thirst to implore,
would we walk a
mile, then one
mile more?

Slice of Life…

1451401_548228211925568_1679858558_nThis Photograph study is courtesy of Arjun,
His photo’s are reflections of life
and truly capture the imagination.

A Man

and we die
but in between,
countless slices
of life to be seen.
This photo taken,
of a man looking back,
his expression caught by a
silent attack. What is he thinking,
on what does he ponder as he looks to
the lens, no sign of wonder.
“Here am I,
here I stand,
my life written
by a pitiless hand.
Lines, careworn I show,
my mouth, held firmly just so.
I live, I love, and share my pain too,
as you stare at me, I stare back steadily,
at you”

Natures Cleaners…

white_backed_vulture_landing_Z4F6941_800-300x126  Perched high on a crag,                                         
                                legs poised to spring,                             
hearts beating wildly                                           
                                       as we take to the wing                   
catching warm thermals,                                    
                                                   to float on thin air,                         
         taking breath quickly,                                                  
                                            hardly any to spare                
Now is the time,                                                     
                     wings spread out wide
                             a smooth operation,                           
                        to bank as we glide.                                    
Flowing the motion,                     
as fluidity is key,                                      
we land, we devour,  for Vultures we be…


Endangered Species

Rüppell’s Vulture or Rüppell’s Griffon Vulture (Gyps rueppellii) is a large vulture that occurs throughout the Sahel region of central Africa. The current population of 30,000 is decreasing due to loss of habitat and other factors. Rüppell’s Vulture is named in honour of Eduard Rüppell, a 19th-century German explorer, collector, and zoologist. Rüppell’s Vulture is considered to be the highest-flying bird, with confirmed evidence of a flight at an altitude of 11,300 m (37,000 ft) above sea level.


dark vs light 2 I be
strong of will,
at others I be weak,
There be a fear inside me
that ‘she’ will wake ‘n speak.
For she resides in the darkness
captured in an oubliette.
I doth guard the entrance,
she hath not foiled me yet.
I view the World eyes open,
hope walled safe in my heart.
Yet she would gain advantage
by tearing battlements apart.
There be two sides to this life,
two sides seeking victory, and she?
she be the opponent,
the other dark side of me.