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Two Blank Thoughts…

quill and page The blank page
‘tis an enemy, forsooth, draining words
from me. Thou accursed fiend,
such a fickle
doth my
muse now flow?
As I stare blankly away
from thee, thy laughter
echoes mockingly.

quill and pageThe blank page
seems my enemy as it stares balefully
back at me. Until I write a
thought or two,
my enemy
what I can do.
Putting black on white,
as words now rain, tho’
how soon ‘til  I feel his
mocking disdain?


two whimsies,
on a blank subject…x

Self Talking…


Self Talk

There’s a reason for the thrumming 
I hear constantly in my head,
There’s a reason for the thoughts
at least it shows I’m not dead
so when the voice that’s there
sometimes leads me astray
like a naughty companion
present each and every day
I know full well it’s only me,
thinking thoughts in my brain
sometimes serious, sometimes funny,
sometimes making me wonder if I’m quite sane
for talking to myself
every now and again.
Is it normal, is it natural
does sanity hold the key?
I ask myself the question,
and the only one who answers is me…

LadyP© 2011

MY thanks to everyone for your good wishes and thoughts about my girl, Bess. For the past week or so I’ve been reading up online trying to find out any information I could re:- kidney disease and how to counteract it. High protein diet, for one, and I’ve also been told about Cranberry supplement, for the Urinary tract,  plus so many other tips from the local pet shop and friends and family. Today was the first time that Bess looked at all like herself, no pain, eyes bright and totally focused whilst playing, (just a small amount Arlene. xx).. and I know that the future may be rocky but she’s steady for now.  So Bess is happy and relaxed, therefore my ex and I are feeling that way too.  For now my fingers have relaxed from their constant ‘crossed’ position, and I am learning so much more about how to cope for the future… Again my thanks to everyone, you have helped enormously with your good wishes.  So, hugs and woofs from me and Bess… xPenx

Misty Moisture…


Old Oak Tree,1

Hazy mist clung to the high branches of the Tree
forming globes of moisture to drip down on top of me
as I sheltered from the wind,   also from my thoughts
I looked round about me and before I knew it was caught
by the beauty of my surroundings, a balm to my mind
Nature and it’s healing powers helped me to unwind.
Gave me back my sense of being, my sense of soul
showing what was lacking in my life as a whole.
All as I stood there beneath the Old Oak Tree,
letting the misty moisture drip down on top of me.

LadyP© 2011

A Long Lived Tree ….


Ancient Tree

I am a long lived tree
and I know it
I have grace of my own
and I show it
I have limbs that stretch
out wide and free
I share my shade.
Do you notice me?
 cherry blossom
I am a long lived tree
and I know it
I have beauty of my own
and I show it
I have blossoms that fill
my limbs so free
I ask once again
Do you notice me?
cherry blossom

I am a tree, please look at me,
I am grace and beauty,  do you see?….

LadyP© 2011

Teddy Smiles…

Man United Teddy Bear...

The Teddy Bear sat with his back against the wall
high on the Ottoman from the ground he looked tall
he was only 18 inches and he knew he couldn’t grow
but he was really big on smiles and love he could show.

Teddy Bear scruff 
There was no-one to hold him,  so no-one to care,
there was no-one to see him,  so he just sat there.
Simply longing to be loved,  just waiting for play.
His owner had grown up, her childhood faded away.

Teddy Bear scruff 
Suddenly a sound,  small childish hands picked him up
cuddled and loved him,  he just couldn’t believe his luck.
He felt renewed,  full of wonder and what meant even more,
wanted, and his stitched smile grew much wider than before.

Teddy Bear scruff

LadyP © 2011