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Tuning Fork…

Do you feel it? Like an ‘itch’ inside,
it tells you something and more beside.
Tells of places you could be, tells of exciting
things to see, tells you not to hold back in fear,
to let life take hold,  to raise a glass and cheer,
as a tuning fork you can feel the thrum. To live,
love and be happy,
perfectly attuned to life’s drum.

I have this Painting, Girl by The Sea,
she seems to be watching/waiting…
longing for another time another place… x

Sea Sense….

beautifulThe Sea, it calls
as if knowing your name,
you can walk by still water,
but it’s never the same
the pull of the tides
as plumed waves
the shore
makes you want to linger,
discover your Sea sense once more.
LadyP © 2011



Lazy waves lapping
ebbing and flowing
erasing my footprints
as I wander the shore
The sound of the sea
is like musical rhythm
my heavy heart lifts
I walk on once more…
A deep pulling love
this call of the sea
making senses feel
a primeval ache,
never let me resist
needing the sea’s kiss
should reality be dream
never let me wake….


LadyP © 2011