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tree carvings 2

‘Tis the snow that haunts me from that day,
to see many footprints on their way
“Where do they lead”  ‘twas my thought
before I knew it I was caught
trailing them here ‘n there,
through the trees without care,
needing to see where they led
oh dear reader,
I should have fled.
On I went totally blind
to any thought but what I’d find.
’Til finally there they stood, huge carvings
in living wood. Tree trunk bare, branches locked,
I wandered round, totally shocked. Such effigies never
seen before, they thrilled my mind ‘n much more.
Unknowing a figure lurking near,
all clad in black, cloaked by fear,
ensorcelled me where I stood…
A frozen figure, ‘twould do no good
to warn you, for naught could be done,
as we who stand here are gone.
‘Tis so lonely inside this place,
staring out of my carved
wooden face…


Misty Moisture…


Old Oak Tree,1

Hazy mist clung to the high branches of the Tree
forming globes of moisture to drip down on top of me
as I sheltered from the wind,   also from my thoughts
I looked round about me and before I knew it was caught
by the beauty of my surroundings, a balm to my mind
Nature and it’s healing powers helped me to unwind.
Gave me back my sense of being, my sense of soul
showing what was lacking in my life as a whole.
All as I stood there beneath the Old Oak Tree,
letting the misty moisture drip down on top of me.

LadyP© 2011

A Long Lived Tree ….


Ancient Tree

I am a long lived tree
and I know it
I have grace of my own
and I show it
I have limbs that stretch
out wide and free
I share my shade.
Do you notice me?
 cherry blossom
I am a long lived tree
and I know it
I have beauty of my own
and I show it
I have blossoms that fill
my limbs so free
I ask once again
Do you notice me?
cherry blossom

I am a tree, please look at me,
I am grace and beauty,  do you see?….

LadyP© 2011