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nightmaresThis be a corridor
leading who knowest where. 
Shouldst ye enter? Pay heed and beware…
Note dire warnings of a dark soul lost, by ignoring
true danger, he doth pay a high cost. Laying in wait,
capturing souls he doth plan,
‘twixt darkness and light
be a bogeyman…
Yes, well,  what more can I say?
I knew we should’ve turned left at the junction…x

One Wish Left…

Red Sports Car 
off the kerb,
a sudden warning blast.
Moving quickly back,
a red sports car roars past.
Jumping the red light
cheeky as can be,
even cheekier, he laughed at me.
Little did he know I had a wish left.
Now he’s driving a Mini,
looking totally bereft!!
 mini cooper

Traveller’s Rest…

I bid thee good day, traveller
art thou sorely in need of a drink?
Doth thy bones feel tired and weary
craving a soft bed in which to sink?
Thy journey seemed fraught, endless,
a personal quest, a memory gone.
Please rest, sit and take repast
’tis a while since I aided anyone.
Hearth ‘n home I freely offer
a welcome to tarry ‘til daybreak
but a word to the wise I proffer
answer no knocks, for pity’s sake.
There be one who’s soul is restless,
she roams about in search of peace,
pray ignore her pleas and entreaties
LadyP will bend thy ear ‘n never cease.

this came to me last night,  sleepless, as a dreamscape, a story in a story.     I just enjoyed the darkness of it. xx


Flying Wishes The wishes of billions,
pleas of millions, silently flying high.
Whoever doth hear their pleading,
since the dawn of time slipped by?
Should thy voice be heard over many,
in a wish to rewind thy life,
would there be an answer ready,
a choice to cut clean with a knife?
Wouldst thou start
from the very beginning
as a babe, page blank and unknown
or choose again via teenage years,
feeling lost,  not totally grown.
All gifts come with a warning,
alas this one comes with three,
say farewell to thy present life,
thy past, and the person
that is thee.

Curiosity Killed…

as you stare.
It says,”Press me,
let me know you care.
You have no idea what I can do,
the warning is not for one such as you.
It can’t hurt,  just give me a little push.”
As the siren sounds in a sudden rush
you wonder “What have I done?”
’tis too late now,