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 Stephen Donaldson. Lord Fouls Bane.The Chronicles of Thomas CovenantRuso and the Disappearing Dancing Girls.Ruso and the Demented Doctor Pillars Of The Earth by Ken FollettThe Fry Chronicles By Stephen FryWizards First Rule. The Sword Of The Truth Series by Terry Goodkind.Farseer trilogytawny-man-trilogy-new  Artist of the Floating WorldThe Bakers BoyDragon Flight by Anne McCaffreyThe White Dragon by Anne McCaffreyRoman Blood by Steven SaylorArms Of Nemesis by Steven Saylor  Going Postal by Terry Pratchett Lord of the Rings, The Trilogy,J R R TolkienUglies setthe-final-act-of-mr-shakespeareRailway Detective by Edward Marston The Silve Locomotive by Edward Marston200px-TheHobbit_FirstEdition

11 responses to “Page Turners…

  1. I saw in the daily express that Ken F’s Pillars was made into a series for Ch 4, good I thought I’ll watch that and see whther or not I’ll read the book, I read it to-day, not the book, the article, but it was on last night duh! but I think I’ll get it from the library, as I’ve heard it’s good.
    I like Stephen Fry in QI haven’t read the others at all.


  2. If you like Terry Pratchett you should have a peep at ‘Mort’
    which is very good… Of course it is on the theme of Death so
    there you see my interest on it… lol But seriously it is a fine
    example of his work…

    Androgoth XXx


  3. I think that you would also like ‘The Chariots of the Gods’
    which has many interesting themes within it…

    Be Good Now Lady Pen or Else? lol

    Androgoth XXx


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  5. I haven’t read any of these books, not heard except lord of the rings, obviously. How dreadful I feel right now to click on any!


    • just words on a page, Arjun, and once I get into a story, I disappear into another world. (low cost travel eh? 😉 )


      • while I suggest
        interesting options and blends too
        laying all cards on the table
        will all opposition then surmount?
        they take me to be naive
        fortune favours the brave, I thought…

        (Incomplete. Read it in humor.)

        What I mean is there’s a lot of reading I’ve to catch up with.


        • humour it is…(did you notice? I put that poem under humour… and Pfffft!! my tongue was firmly in cheek..) I’ve two books on the go, and can’t settle to either of them.. Bad Penny!! Send the kettle back, I think I need a head steam.. my head is full of cotton wool |AND I can’t breathe . 😉 x


          • I did and read the responses too hence this incomplete comment. Let’s avoid talking about the miseries of…… I’ll land up crying.
            Settling on the book to read, I love that part…I do funny things….
            You can have the kettle back. I’m feeling much better today. Thank you 😉


            • ah, the magic, mysterious kettle, with healing properties ( glad to hear you;re feeling better) … Maybe I should write a book about it’s travels… but then, who’d believe a magic kettle?.. They’d think it was… erm … telling tall tales, 😉


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