Films I Enjoy-ed..


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 AvatarAlice In Wonderland I Am Legend Iron ManLord Of The Rings. Trilogy

Night At The MuseumPirates, The Curse Of The Black PearlPirates, Dead Mans ChestPirates, At Worlds End

Shrek, The Collection.UP

13 responses to “Films I Enjoy-ed..

  1. Hmmm, I’ve not seen any of them but admit I don’t go to pictures and wait for telly viewing, Your taste is interesting and verges on the darker side, scary to me. I liked SHawshank Redemption, The Green Mile.
    Super layout and idea here Pen


  2. I have seen about 6 of these Pen the last being UP , that was quite a sad little movie.Loved it though. xx


  3. Just had to come back and get a JD fix, Pirates of the Caribbean, droool, sitting all cosy and relaxed now, hope Bess is keeping warm and hasn’t had a repeat of her little bleep earlier Tango’s been naughty and discovered some cat poo, I’m afraid he’s having to be kept on the lead more .


    • I’ve left a JD ‘fix’ link on your blog Arlene, hope you don’t OD….lol!! xx
      and tell Tango that he’s a naughty boy and Bess says….um….well she says she’s got to be watched closely too. What is it with these dogs…up to mischief all the time…. 😉 xx


  4. Have you watched ‘The Hitcher’ with sean Bean
    as the creepy hitcher? I think that you would like
    it… Well it’s one that I enjoyed anyway… lol

    How about ‘The Big Lebowski’ now that film has
    Jeff Bridges as the main character and believe me
    it’s a very funny film… lol

    Okay I’m not going to start adding all my favourites
    here Lady pen as it’s your page… I just thought that
    I would offer a few for your thoughts…

    Have a Fangtastic Friday
    now and remember… be Good…

    Androgoth XXx


  5. I know one film that you will really enjoy
    and it is called ‘Meet Joe Black’ it has the
    leading actors of Sir Anthony Hopkins and
    Brad Pitt… Definitely a film that you will
    truly love… Well I think so anyway

    Androgoth XXx


    • thanks Andro, for all your suggestions, and maybe I will have a looksee at them. I do enjoy Sir Anthony’s films. and Brad Pitts too. (now why did JD spring to mind then? I seem to have him imprinted on my brain!! 😉 ) … I suppose I should update this page but feeling a bit lazy lately. (Come on Pen, get motivated, MOVE YOURSELF!!!!) Thanks for commenting Andro. xx


  6. Hey Lady Pen. Wandered in here to see what you’ve been see-ing. I too love Avatar — even though the way the real life manifestation of the same issues is currently playing out is quite distressful. Unfortuantely one BiG Battle isn’t going to resolve anything yet.
    Anyway, there is a film I thought you might enjoy– Moonrise Kingdom. I think it was nominated for an Oscar for its great screenplay. It’s a real gem of a film in many ways.
    Film website:


    • I’ll certainly take a look-see at the link Eva, and I haven’t updated here for a while… there’s a load of DVD’s I’ve watched since I did this page… Seems like sleeves rolled up time and a lot of editing to do… 🙂 …. xxx


  7. Will you be adding reviews to this page or are you already providing them somewhere else on your blog?



    • I’ve never thought to review the films, kmabarrett, just titled it ‘films I enjoyed’ as a ‘click’ and see if you like sorta thing, …. I haven’t updated this page for so long, hence the dust, 🙂 time seems to have slowed in here!! xPenx


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