A Taster of Music …

Andrea Bocelli

Chris Rea

Dire Straits

Fat Boy Slim

Norah Jones


Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins

Queen, Freddie Mercury

11 responses to “A Taster of Music …

  1. What a Fabulous idea!!! Creative 🙂


  2. This is VERY cool!


  3. make sure you try “Cal”
    ” a kid of magic”
    Cal/ being a soundtrack which was done in your back yard (Scotland) its old but well worth the listen
    A kind of magic/Queen. again the soundtrack from “Highlander” 1 the movie… again well worth the listen or even purchase..DOn


  4. Thanks for the link Lady Penelope. Great taste in music, I like listening to Enya myself. Hugs Lady Jude


  5. I keep losing my cursor in the background lol. Definately Chris Rhea and Andrea Bocelli, and Queen, I’m afraid the others are unknown to me, but they’re probably very good.


  6. Just saw Lady Judes taste, I too like Enya


  7. I loved Andrea Bocelli and Norah Johnes I liked all kind of music,I so happy to find your taster of music place:-)


  8. What No Ozzy? lol
    Well Okay Then No Problemo…

    I like your wicked ideas for extra pages…

    Androgoth XXx


  9. I have not been here for a while, and you have added to your collection. Great taste in music my friend. Bocelli is a marvel I have not heard Gorillaz…must check it out.
    have a great week my friend,
    Raven of Leyla xox


  10. Gorillaz was good and I had heard them just didn’t know their name. I love Queen one song I heard yesterday brought me to tears…”Somebody to Love” 😦
    But on a happier note I love the Radio GaGa song….BTW today is September 5 Freddie’s Birthday! and did you know this is the song Lady GaGa got her name….LOL
    Hugs and thanks for reminding me of some of the music I too love


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