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Gas Man Cometh…

 British Gas Waiting seems an art form.
Do you just sit and stare?
or perhaps you keep busy,
‘til whoever’s suddenly there.
Do you drum your
fingers loudly,
do you settle
and read
a book?
or maybe pace, turn and turn about
never giving the clock a second look.
All at once the waiting’s over,
they arrive and all is well,
forgotten is the time wasted
you’re off…,
at the sound of the bell.

14.40pm/ Not too bad this time, the Gas Man has just rung to say he’s ten minutes away… so all I’m doing is coughing my time away… I wonder?. should I warn him I’m probably contagious?… Nah!!! 😉  xx

The Proverbial…

 SpiralswithinSpirals  If you keep
your options open,
whilst taking all things into account
by laying your cards on the table
will all opposition then surmount?
Perhaps you suffer fools gladly,
as a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
but then fortune ever favours the brave,
and first impressions are the most lasting…

Just Say?…

how-to-get-him-back-67307645-jul-2-2012-600x598 Just
say if you get tired of me
don’t hint with a smile,
just tell me and I’ll disappear
don’t do a 3 minute mile,
as soon as you see me
you don’t need to
run away,
just tell me
if you get weary
or do you want me to
Just ignore my arms
wrapped round your leg
as you drag me to the door,
now, please tell me, I can take it,
if you don’t want to see me
any more…

Habit Forming…

I’ve nothing left at all
every piece melted away
I tell myself I will not fall,
without the memory each day
I rise and face the daily grind
with a sigh, forgetting to smile
Trying to block my mind,
and it works for a while.
You want to know?
why this
fails so well,
’tis just a habit,
I seek to break,
chocolate addiction…
this diet means I must forsake…


Grasshopper 1
“Are you perhaps a giant”
the grasshopper said,
I looked down surprised to hear his voice in my head.
’No, I’m not’ I answered, then asked how he understood
the language I was speaking, he said he just could.
Apparently all insects can understand what we say
but they’d rather keep their distance, wary of Bug Spray.
Grasshopper 1

I asked him what he wanted, as he seemed so ill at ease
in answer to my question he said “Help me please?
I need a friendly Giant to take me back home.
I’ve wandered far too far on my quest to roam”
Jumping on my shoulder, he continued his plea
and his little worried eyes stared soulfully at me.
Grasshopper 1
“I’ll help you, grasshopper” I was quick to respond.
He jumped up and down, pointing to a distant pond
”I live over there,” he said very excitedly,
if we make good time I’ll be home for my tea”
I asked his name as I walked quickly on my way,
he told me it was Carlin and he had more to say.
Grasshopper 1
Apparently it meant Champion, he needed to pass a test
a Giant bringing him home would make him leader of his nest.
I told him I was glad to help, that he was brave and bold
We reached the pond,  we said goodbye, 
Giant Story told.

LadyP © 2011