Inner Reflecting…

owens-pond-dawn-041114-800webInner Reflecting on two
for one,  dark of night packed up
and gone. Morning glow yawns into sight
as lazy clouds puff up in delight. Trees reach up,
stretching high, releasing a contemplative sigh.
Perfectly framed, in perfect pose,
what will this day bring?
Whomsoever knows…

MY thanks to Steve , for the use of the above beautiful and reflective photo,  which awakened my brain cells into action…A much needed kick start methinks  x


tree carvings 2

‘Tis the snow that haunts me from that day,
to see many footprints on their way
“Where do they lead”  ‘twas my thought
before I knew it I was caught
trailing them here ‘n there,
through the trees without care,
needing to see where they led
oh dear reader,
I should have fled.
On I went totally blind
to any thought but what I’d find.
’Til finally there they stood, huge carvings
in living wood. Tree trunk bare, branches locked,
I wandered round, totally shocked. Such effigies never
seen before, they thrilled my mind ‘n much more.
Unknowing a figure lurking near,
all clad in black, cloaked by fear,
ensorcelled me where I stood…
A frozen figure, ‘twould do no good
to warn you, for naught could be done,
as we who stand here are gone.
‘Tis so lonely inside this place,
staring out of my carved
wooden face…

Two Blank Thoughts…

quill and page The blank page
‘tis an enemy, forsooth, draining words
from me. Thou accursed fiend,
such a fickle
doth my
muse now flow?
As I stare blankly away
from thee, thy laughter
echoes mockingly.

quill and pageThe blank page
seems my enemy as it stares balefully
back at me. Until I write a
thought or two,
my enemy
what I can do.
Putting black on white,
as words now rain, tho’
how soon ‘til  I feel his
mocking disdain?


two whimsies,
on a blank subject…x


question mark 3Is
a limit, I wonder,
in the brains ability
to store, memories, ideas,
  facial recognition
and more?
Picture file on file gathering dust,
as our life continues and we re-adjust,
to so many emotions felt on recall,
yet our Brain, single handed,
remembers them all.

On a good day that is!! 


nightmaresThis be a corridor
leading who knowest where. 
Shouldst ye enter? Pay heed and beware…
Note dire warnings of a dark soul lost, by ignoring
true danger, he doth pay a high cost. Laying in wait,
capturing souls he doth plan,
‘twixt darkness and light
be a bogeyman…
Yes, well,  what more can I say?
I knew we should’ve turned left at the junction…x