The One Ring…

The One Ring

Gaze long at me,
I’m such a precious thing,
lust after me, for I’m a special ring
cast years ago of most purest gold,
nay Aeons ago as stories foretold.
I am that one to bend your mind
In my quest to rule mankind
You are one I enthral
as under my spell
you must fall.
“Precious, my precious”

LadyP © 2011

With acknowledgments to JRR Tolkien’s, Lord of The Rings,
Gollum. My (accidental) hero, and without whom good would not have triumphed over evil. I think this book, (as I own a copy containing  all  *three volumes) above all is the guiding light to my imagination and story telling.

The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King


38 responses to “The One Ring…

  1. I dare say who could be a more deserving Hero? I discovered those books in the late 60’s and was taken on a magnificent journey. Enchanting as always dear Lady Pen 🙂


  2. Ah, the allure of your poem. Desire for things? Lovely this romp with desire you have written. How long it takes us to learn what is truly “precious”.


  3. Lord of the Rings just happens to be my all time favorite book. I love the poem, you really bring out the power of the ring well. My precious!! 😀


  4. wow…
    divine work……..

    come from deadpoet’s blog, welcome join poets rally..



  5. Seth@ChaosHQ's

    My Precious! O my Precious what a lovely entry you have blessed us with, so brilliantly written!
    I think both the books and the movies, bring something different to the stories. I read the books first, and I grew to love the originality of the stories. However, the movies make it far more interesting to view. I mean, the special effects are astounding, and it’s like being transported to another world entirely. The acting is great, the characters are really developed in the movies, which makes it really interesting to watch as a fan of the books. I love the Lord of the Rings, and all booksémovies that follow.


  6. I can’t help associating the ring to the thing (whatever in may be) in all of us that grows by feeding on our greed…sadly it is true for most of us because we all have it in us. Fortunately we have the choice to make if we will allow it to consume us or not!


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