Days to Die For…..


I have fat days and thin days,

good days and bad days,

days when I just want to hide out of sight,

I have up and then down days,

happy smile and sad cry days,

it’s wearing always trying to get things just right


Maybe a blue day, a red letter day

a sunshine and cloudy day

there are days when you want to be out and about

there are purple days of sadness

yellow days of gladness

and days of such happiness you just want to shout…


Now, today is a great day,

it’s a light day not a dark day,

it’s a day for finding all the things you thought lost

save a little bit from every day

have a mix and matching day,

add laughter, a few tears, and don’t ever count the cost…

LadyP © 2010

Now,  how’s your day been?







13 responses to “Days to Die For…..

  1. daysthey are revolvingout …. in..back againchanging.thx


  2. I have those kind of days too. So far my day hasn’t been a really good one. 🙂


  3. Yesterday was a light day as I found my scissors!! than it turned dark when I chipped a tooth. amusing little ditty LAdy P, loved it as usual.


  4. ηικκιħart

    You have such a wonderful way of writing poems Lady P. I’d say that most of my days are mix and matching days.Big hug, Nikki


  5. Hehehhheehhee, oooh that cud sooooo be about me! I think most peops can relate 2 this poem, they just (like me) dont know how 2 ot them int2 words like u do! Well Done U! Luv PF XXX


  6. Heart..Renaissance Man

    it was a cloudy day , now a sunny day,, looked like rain day and not a funny day but the wind has come up and the clouds are gone day so i guess is a pleasant day.. ;o) DOn


  7. A very nice poem Lady Penelope.. So, how was your day today?Androgoth XXx


  8. Beautiful writing my friend , hope all your days are wonderfulEmu


  9. Any day I wake up still breathing is a good day!


  10. I hear and agree O Rocket Man…you are a wise man, indeed.


  11. To-day has been a rainbow day for me, owing to the colourful language that has issued from my lips. LOL


  12. im amazed at your talent love this one although dark days i love wintry dark days with lanterns lit and candles and the fire on lovely bring on winter xxjen


  13. i loved this one lady p although i love dark days lanterns lit and candles wintry outside and fire on full lovely bring on winter xxjen


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